December 30, 2006

Supporting Indie

Natalie was great to listen to last night.
She had some new material (which meant that Uma*, Q and I couldn't sing along with every song like last time) and she was well received by the crowd (much larger than the last time she was in town from LA).
Which meant selling CDs and t-shirts.
The cool part about the venue where she played (Walden's Coffee House) is that they do an open mic night every Friday. Which I knew about but haven't gone to in awhile. The other cool part is that it is a coffee house, so that means all ages, no smoking, and an intimate atmosphere (sometimes really intimate when there is a full band playing).
The mic and the room was scatterd with kids, teens 20-30 somethings and your hip seniors. I love that sort of thing. It is the way music should be shared- with everyone. They also have food and beer/wine, so you can enjoy while you listen.
Having all the other open mic-ers there playing music, gives out this really great sense of support. They all know what it takes to write, play and sing their own music. I loved watching and listening to all the different styles of musician last night.

December 29, 2006

The bunch...

Last of the bunch...
The batch

Tonight is going to ROCK.
And afterwards, I might have to drag these two cowgirls out with me again.
Happy Friday everyone
now go here for more of the boothing .

December 26, 2006

It's All In The Cards

Playing Cards

Sometimes I just stop and think about this deck of cards I have been given called life, love and family. I think about all the queens and kings that surround me, the jokers and the wild deuces. Stopping and looking at it I realize how all those cards don't quite fit in the box nicely any more. They overflow out of the box. Some of the cards are earmarked or bent a little. Some are in pristine new condition, and others are worn smooth, broken in and easy to shuffle and deal. Some of the cards are right there in between. Some have found their pair, others are working on a full house.

Poker Chips

And then I look down at the stack of chips on the table before me. I think about how little I started out with. There were times when there wasn't even a stack. There was only a single chip sitting on the table in front of me (and my mom). The chip sat there like a loose tooth holding onto its roots just waiting for the promise of something bigger to take its place. The anticipation and the betting, the poker faces and the holding out just long enough.. out lasting the others around us and building back the stacks slowly and steadily. All that time, holding the heart cards close at hand, because that was really what would win us the jackpot.

Poker Night

Over the past month we have had a party every weekend (every.single.weekend). The house has been cleaned and re-cleaned. Food has been prepared and devoured, wine has been poured and spilled. Laughter has echoed through the walls of our home filing it with memories and love.
I know that my chips are stacked high now. I know that holding out for that straight flush in hearts was all I really needed to do.
It really is all in the cards that you are dealt. Dealing
And damn, I got a good hand.

December 25, 2006

Merry Merry- Happy Happy- Peace Peace

Santa And Me
circa 1987 (do you think Santa hit the egg nog early that year?)

Happy Holidays everyone...

December 24, 2006

Just Say No To The Christmas Sweater

My new "wellies"... a birthday gift from my mom.
Favorite new kicks
I am in love with them and make every excuse I can to wear them.
I have even worn them to work twice the past week.
Apron And Wellies
It is probably totally crazy and inappropriate work garb, but I don't care.
edited portion of today's post
I have decided to delete this paragraph where I bash the Crhistmas sweater... Let's just say I am making a choice to, "Just say no to the Christmas sweater". And will leave the house in something red and green, but I refuse to wear intarsia snowmen and puff ball nosed Rudolphs... and we will leave it at that.
Merry Christmas y'all...
now go over to Caro's neck of the woods and git yer self some musak to make your day be Merry and Bright!
Oh, and maybe you if you don't get an art for Christmas this year you might want to think about snagging some from me?
There is art to give away here people. I have 5 pieces (most like photography- you can even choose what you want from my Flickr set).

Done by me, made by me, sent by me- straight to you.

Look, it is happening over here, too.

The CATCH? well you just have to promise to post on your blog with in the next few days this very same wonderful offer. Think of it as "Creative Karma".
So if you are interested leave me a comment, first five get the goods...

ooh, I likey.

December 23, 2006

Flamingos All Around

I don't know about you, but there is something about a flamingo that just makes me smile.
Is it their color?
Or maybe it is there long neck and the graceful way they can stand on one leg, as if in a perpetual Vrksasana.
Maybe it is the thought of warmer climates and palm trees... not quite sure.
Flamingo Trees
All I know is that when I opened a gift for my birthday from my dear friend Uma* I could hardly contain myself.
I mean look at these things?
I love that she used the idea of a "Christmas tree" and flip-flopped it into something so unseasonal and wonderful.
I am totally in love with these little nick-knacks right now.
They are sitting pretty in the dinning room for all to see...

*names have been changed to protect the innocent

December 22, 2006

Can I getta a woot woot?

cowgirls 4
and the cowgirl themed booth set continues...
Happy (photobooth) Friday everyone.

A few favorites from Flickr to round out the Friday blog post...

Red Berries, whitneybee
thrifted xmas balls, leslie.keatings
gorgeous red, girlhual
satsuma, malisonian
the VC, JesC
Snowflake, 'daisies
Looking forward to the next few days off. I have one last gift I need to craft for the gift exchange and maybe a few little stocking stuffers for hubby. We haven't yet decided if we are actually doing presents for each other- nothing like waiting until the last minute, right?
We are hosting Christmas night dinner at our house with in-laws and out-laws and in-betweens. I am going to pull together a huge pan of lasagna and Andy is going to make his famous chocolate cheese cake.
Even though having everyone over is exhausting, it is a wonderful exhausting. A kind of warm and fuzzy, "I just had my family in my house to eat" exhausting. I love that we are making memories and adding to the good vibrations in the new house. It is what makes it a home.
Taken 2 years ago on Christmas morning. Elk, CA

December 21, 2006

Over Load- T.I.L.T.

Is there such thing as being too cute? This is a cute overload version of T.I.L.T.
I don't want to be one of those bloggers that posts endless pictures of her animals... so I don't do it that often (do I?) But I had to share this... plus it is festive right?
Christmas Cloe

And just in case that wasn't enough... (not my dog, just one I saw while out and about last Saturday).
sleepy dog
Can I get an "Awwwwww"?

December 19, 2006

Blue balls and silver bells

It has been a very busy past few days.
winter window
Family in town.
Fondue, sushi making.
Ice-skating and wine-walking.
Hold Handrail
Gift exchanging and food consuming.
Last minute gift buying and making.
Snow and ice.
Snowy lights
Just as it should be this time of year.

December 15, 2006

Back in the booth again...

Little Devils...

Two of my favorite "cowgirls" and I hit the booth about two weekends ago. Took about three strips, so I will gradually be sharing them over the next month or so.

This booth was totally strange. Not only was it digital, but you stood up.. Totally bizarre. But it made it easier to smoosh in, that is once we figured out that we could push back the curtain behind us a bit.

I love these girls and can't tell you how important they are to me... Believe it or not they are really quite funny.... wudda never guessed? (this is what happens when you get an engineer, a planner and a GIS person all in one booth...)

Happy Friday. And as always, swing on by Andrea's world for more links! Or check out the flickr group...


December 14, 2006

not so much

Not too many words today. Reflections
Just a lot of contemplation happening over here in the Noodle House.
Lots of thoughts spinning around this mind of mine. corner
But none of these thoughts are ready to be put down into neat little letters and combine to create words. None of the words I do have are prepared to organize and form into sentences.
Nope, not so much today.
Fear not.
Tomorrow is PBF , and I have a stash of fabulously silly frames to share.

December 12, 2006

The day after...

The day after your birthday is always strange.
Or at least it is for me. I am left to think about what the new year will bring and what the past year was all about.
And then there is always the feeling of, "What the heck just happened, I am how old?"
Some things are just bigger than you are. Like the earth spinning around and around the sun, like birthdays, or like this preying mantis for instance...

green friend

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes.
It means a lot to me. And deep down I still feel like a little girl.


I am exhausted from the past three days of celebrating. I am ready to just sleep for a day or so, curl up with my man, the dog and the cats and just snuggle.
But that is not in the plans. I teach and work, and then get the house ready for yet another holiday festivity.
Fondue and wine on Friday night with Andy's family from the Bay Area/So. Cal. I am looking forward to the evening, and the sharing of the house and the family and the food (and did I mention wine?).

I am looking up for all that joy and energy, feeling rooted and strong in this life, yet growing.
Always growing up and up and up. Looking UP
All that love and celebration that is in the air right now? I am trying to take it in, and give it back as well.
I am going to enjoy as the season and this brand new year unfolds infront of me...

December 11, 2006

Fianl Day --11*12*11

Final Day~! Of 11*12*11

yppah yadhtrib
Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me!
sorry, the silence around her was killing me!!
11*12*11 has been a wonderful challenge for me. I have been frustrated and inspired. But most of all, I have been forced to slow down and see.
stop and see the world around me, see all that makes me laugh, cry and feel alive.
And that is a beautiful thing.

I appreciate everyone stopping by and leaving comments here and there (or being awesome and doing so every day!). And even if you didn't leave a comment, thanks for swinging by and taking a look at my world. I hope I have made a few new "readers/viewers" along the way....
I hope the photos spoke for themselves for the most part. But I know that several of them probably lent to a ton of questions... so if you are interested and because I have gotten a few request to do so, I am going to give you a few words to go with the images.

CAUTION, I have not writen here in a month and the following portion of this post will make up for that... seriously this could be long, so go to the bathroom and get a cup of tea before you start to read and click and click and read.


Day 1 Veteran's Day, lazy weekend of knitting and breakfast making. Then meeting up with my best friend and her man for a drink.
Day 2 Learning how to home brew with above mentioned best friend and her man.
Day 3 Even though I often get home late after work /teaching yoga/practicing yoga, I really like to make dinner.
Day 4 Because I work a regular 8-5 job and then pile on teaching yoga, I get pretty busy...It is sometimes a blur.
Day 5 I had been going through pictures from the past few years... This one is a favorite. Taken on the Black Rock Desert. Playing croquet dressed up in crazy costumes...
Day 6 I got up early to go to the dentist on this particular day. Nothing like the feeling of freshly polished teeth to make me happy!
Day 7 Headed up to a pre Thanksgiving party. I was happy to see friends of all ages.
Day 8 Spent the day in my craft room making holiday gifts. Andy's family decided a few years back to stop buying gifts for one another at Christmas and the tradition was made. We have to make something for each person. It is such a great way to share your creativity, get a good laugh, and cut down on the insanity and consumerism of the season.
Day 9 Attended an AcroYoga workshop, and got Andy to join in the fun. This is one of the funnest things to do. If you have a chance try it. It brings your yoga practice in a full loop... The usually contemplative and internal practice is taken outward. It is a wonderful chance to learn to communicate and also reinforce community, commitment and trust...Oh, and there is a lot of really good laughter too! I am lucky enough to have now gotten to go to 2 of these workshops, and my massage therapist is also a teacher here in town, so that means there will be more in the future- wooo hooo!
Day 10 Happened upon this "snowboarding" event taking place in a local shopping center parking lot. It made me laugh and yearn for my snowboarding days again...
Day 11 No real story here... These lovely foods were sitting on my kitchen counter, the light was right and so I snapped the shot.
Day 12 Spent the day in the sewing room. Later on that afternoon Andy got busy in the kitchen making his famous flat bread for Thanksgiving... Oh and the kitty got a little treat, whipping cream.
Day 13 Thanks Giving day... Wonderful and warm. Celebrated Dad in law's birthday as well because all the kids were home. It was such a great day.
Day 14 Some days it is nice to just be inspired by others...
Day 15 In Napa, CA for a bit more birthday celebration and left overs from Turkey day... This time it was my God Father's 60th birthday!
Day 16 The birthday celebration went well into the night and early into the next day... Dancing and more dancing.
Day 17 This photo was taken one year ago from the date posted... It makes me laugh.
Day 18 Photography has always been important to me. It is a link to my family history and to my grandfather who passed away when I was about 10. He had a dark room "down the cellar" and this was his camera. He gave it to my mom and she used it often while I was growing up. I asked if I could have it and so now it is mine (it actually goes back and forth between my mom's house and mine)... The Girl Scout camera is my mom's. She has had it since she was 6 years old, and I asked her if I could borrow it and the old Yashica to attempt to do a bit of this.
Day 19 Getting the holiday garb out... Three new Christmas trees...
Day 20 I have some of the most amazing girlfriends. They are formally known as the ChIPs (Chicks In Planning) we knew each other from work but decided to start hanging out because we are all roughly the same age and are connected through our professions... Over the past 2 and half years become great friends. We are there for laughter, for crying for venting and for love. We were out and about on the town... Theme: cowgirl (had to dress like one, see my vest?) We had Pho and then headed to a few bars to play pool and laugh... (oh, and a few of them stuck it out to locate a photobooth with me, classic set)
Day 21 Peace, Hope, Joy... Need I say more?
Day 22 Dressed up warm and hopped in the beloved suburban for a day of Christmas tree hunting. I was just playing in the drive way before we left and really liked the shadow that cast out before me.
Day 23 Feeling like dog, but trucking through it. In a Nyquil comma... this about sums up the color and the lines I am seeing...
Day 24 Slept all day to keep the cold at bay. I had no chance to get the camera out... Although there were a few moments that I snapped my "mental camera". Made me think of one of my favorite songs my John Mayer, 3x5s
Day 25 I have come home twice now at lunch and seen this beautiful colored shadow that the old vanilla and pepper corn bottles create. I love little bottles, especially glass ones. I have no idea what I will do with these, but I just like the way they look. And so many things are no longer bottled in glass (like mayo and peanut butter for instance)these little bottles make me smile, and their shadows bring me joy.
Day 26 Out with the girls and dressed up to a cowgirl theme... Talked them into boothing it up with me. I love these strips and will have several more to share over the next few weeks.

final days?? Not such a good camera girl.

We had a huge open house party on Sat (30-40 people stopped by) and I didn't have the time or the energy to get out the camera, silly me there were so many people at our place.
I slept most of the day yesterday, just getting my beauty rest- I am getting old, I need more sleep right?
Last night, had dinner with a group of friends. Yummy food, good people, who could ask for more?
Birthday Dinner

Tonight, family is coming over for dinner and celebration.
I am exhausted... but in such a good way. So much love it makes me glow.
Wee cup o tea

have a great week everyone!

December 08, 2006

Day 26---11*12*11

Day 26 of 11*12*11

cowgirls 3

December 07, 2006

Day 25---11*12*11

Day 25 11*12*11

colored shadows

December 06, 2006

Day 24 of 11*12*11

Day 24 11*12*11
To my husband... iloveyou

December 05, 2006

Day 23---11*12*11

Day 23 of 11*12*11


December 04, 2006

Day 22--- 11*12*11

Day 22 of 11*12*11


December 03, 2006

Day 21---11*12*11

Day 21 of 11*12*11

Peace, Hope, Joy

December 02, 2006

Day 20---11*12*11

Day 20 of 11*12*11

Double Dutch