December 19, 2006

Blue balls and silver bells

It has been a very busy past few days.
winter window
Family in town.
Fondue, sushi making.
Ice-skating and wine-walking.
Hold Handrail
Gift exchanging and food consuming.
Last minute gift buying and making.
Snow and ice.
Snowy lights
Just as it should be this time of year.


angela said...

ah yes! it is a wonderful time of year. do you usually get snow where you are? we don't have any yet :(
i like what you've done with the bloggie, very nice!!!!
thanks for the compliment on my pics :)

kat said...

i'm just saying burrrrrrrr

Stacie said...

hey hey hey! new look is fab! I laughed really hard at the title of this post. My 2.5 yr old, Alex, is singing "jingle balls, jingle balls" all the time! makes all the grown-ups giggle!!

Left-handed Trees... said...

Love the picture of the Christmas light--just perfect! Glad to hear your holiday is going well...