June 29, 2006

Things, I, Love, Thursday 6-29-06

Things I love Thursday,
I love the scooter girl in me.
Helmet Head
I couldn't stop laughing the entire ride through Victoria, BC.
Holding on tight to my honey and feeling the wind in my face I saw a new city, a new beach, and snapped pictures of it as we went.
Ate an awesome dawg once we got to the famous garden,
looked at all the wonderful green and pink and red and yellow and petals and sweet sweet smells there were to have-

I love the feeling of it all... Wish we would have had more time, or maybe a scooter of our very own to zoom about town on, how 'bout it?

June 27, 2006

Home means Nevada

I am back... Things are slowly coming to normal. Although I seem to have picked up a head cold somewhere between Seattle and Reno- I am feeling much better thanks to NyQuil- that stuff is magic, I swear.

We had a wonderful vacation. I finally stopped feeling the motion of the ocean on Sunday, two days after we got off the boat. We had a couple really rough days at sea- the first day we had 15-20 foot swells- yozzers...
We really enjoyed all of the ports that we stopped off in, and wished we had more time to explore and be adventurous. 12 hours simply isn't enough time to do it all...

We ate and ate explored and ate some more.
Drank a lot less then I thought we would,
played bingo till we could stand it no longer,

The art of not sharing
laughed and stood in line and refused to share ice cream.
Took a tram,
a train

Scooter Squad
and scooters
to see all the sights.
We danced and laughed some more.
We slept in late because it was dark in our room and because the ship rocked us to sleep each night and mostly because we could.

I am glad to be home and not sure if I would do the cruise ship thing again, but wouldn't not do it just for the experience it gave us. The crew on the ship were wonderful, I am not quite sure how they do it! They go almost 24 hours a day with hardly a breath in between - and all with a smile. Fabulous people from all over the world.


I am pretty sure I gained some weight, they say the average is 2 pounds a day- CRAP- I didn't believe it until I realized what they were feeding us. I had to be really careful to not take in more then I needed... We also walked up and down the flights of stairs in the boat rather than take the elevator most of the time.
on deck 2

I did get some work done on the baby sweater. I am on the home front with just the collar to go. I don't want to work on it while I have a cold, just seems wrong to make baby stuff while the nose is runny, ya know?

I am going to link you over to my flickr site to check out all the photos... There are still a ton more I will be adding mostly from the first day or so in Seattle, I got some great shots at Pikes Market and Juneau- some are on film that needs to be developed, others are on a friends computer, we had to unload our card after the first couple of days so we could continue to take pictures... I will make sure to let you know when they are out there.

Enjoy. (oh and props to hubby, he took most of these landscape shots, aren't they great?)

I know I have a ton of catching up to do and blogs to visit. I will do my best to stop by and say hello- although I am thinking over the summer I may slow down on the internet usage.. I am feeling like I need to get out there and play. I need to take all the inspiration that I have gathered from everyone in Blogville and put it into action... We will see.

June 14, 2006

TILT- you bug me cuz it ain't Thursday yet...

mosquito eater
For TILT - I know, it ISN"T Thursday yet, but it is over here in Noodle land- my brain is totally off in vacation mode- I have already forgotten what day of the week it is, see I NEED this vacation... I do.

This will probably be one of the oddest TILT's yet, but I am going to post it, because I do love insects...Totally fascinated by the world around me. Looking at the intricate engineering of a mosquito eater (really just a male mosquito, harmless, but scary as hell when they dive bomb you) look at those wings, look at how paper thin they are and the detail in them, look at the body and the precise segments that create the thorax. At one point in my life I wanted to be an entomologist. To think about how many insects there are in the world, to think about how different they all are, and how they play such an important role. Without them we would not have much to eat, flowers to stop and smell, or birds to hear sing...
So today's tilt goes out to the little things that might make us squirm, but that I am totally in love with because of what they represent- beauty, perfection, detail, engineering, survival...

June 13, 2006

Almost Friday...

Okay peeps- tomorrow is my Friday- and then?
I am gone, gone, gone like the wind to Alaska. Remember, I started to talk about it the other day, but didn't have the energy to write about it- well, today I do- mostly because I can't focus on whatever projects I am supposed to be finishing up at work before I leave and also because I am so sore today (I ran yesterday morning, dumb dumb I am) and my back feels like it is going to fall off (is that possible?) and why is my back sore and not my legs? Weird.
Anyway, we are going to Alaska, on a cruise ship. I have never been on a cruise, and never been to Alaska either- so I am pretty darn excited. We (hubby and I) are headed up there with about 8 friends to be silly and sea sick together. (BTW, does anyone have any tips for anti-sea sickness? I don't have a doctor so I can't really get the prescription anti-nausea button to put behind my ear)
I am making a trip this afternoon to Savers (only the best place to gather costumes for the journey) with a friend.
We are headed up to Seattle on Thursday to hang out and play. I have already identified several photobooths within walking distance of our hotel- oh yes, their will be chaos in the booth... As well as looked at the KEXP calendar so we know what's going on Thursday night.

I have been getting up early to knit the baby sweater, as I really need to have it sent to the recipient tomorrow so it makes it's way to the Bay Area this weekend for the party. (A HUGE thanks to Rachel of *Amazing Lace Fame* for helping me out with the pattern- this is a regular knit of hers so I dropped her an email and she has been more than happy to help me past a few of the snags I ran into with the pattern)
Also supposed to have a baby hat done (gonna do another tomato hat) for another friend's baby shower this weekend, ack. I can get this done, I can, I can.
I started to work on the apron for the swap. I found some great fabric in a stash box and have a really great theme going. I hope the recent likes it as much as I do~~ right now it is just a pile of fabric and pins, I haven't had the umph to get the sewing machine out- also, I can't find my iron in the move in mess, so that is hampering my efforts....
Speaking of hampering efforts, has anyone else picked up Su Doku? This could be the end of me, blogging, knitting, cooking, showering, sleeping.... bad bad bad Su Doku.
I will try to get some pictures to the post this evening...

I promise to take a TON of pictures on the trip. I will be gone Thursday-Friday. No blogging until I get back home on the 24th.


June 07, 2006

T.I.L.T. 6-8-06

Things I love this Thursday...
This is one of my favorite murals in town. It is just off of Virginia Street, and south of Stewart. If you are at the Starbucks where California ends at Virginia you will be looking right at it.. I think I love it because of the stencil, because o f the camera (I have this camera, it was my grandfathers) because of the scene it depicts. I love the yellow against the black and white... (EDITED: I was walking back from yoga this lunch hour and they were painting this- first thought, "they are covering it up, I am so glad I got my arse down there and took pic." I asked the guy on the ladder if they were painting over it? Nope, just touching it up- however, they are ridding the wall of the yellow- it is now blue back drop. I am interested to see what they add.. I will keep you all posted.)
It is political and poetic all at once- it is art. Capturing the landscape and those that fill it. Keep up the good work gang.






June 06, 2006

blue blue blue

It is a new month, and a new color in Project Spectrum land... Some how, I have accidentally fallen in love with this month's color theme. Here are a few examples:

My hair

The Glitch
My Toyota Matrix (know as GLITCH)

random dinner settings

Fort Bragg, CA
a place in the world I adore, the northern CA coast

more shots from the coast...

leaves and sky
The sky

June 02, 2006

PBF, progress and pictures

silly scarf shot

Just a wacky shot for today.... (I gotta get back in the booth, this was the end of the reserves)
for an absolutely wonderful set go visit JesC on Flickr and of course, our fearless leader, Andrea. And if she is up for it today LeSophie (even if she doesn't rock the booth today, she has a kickin' blog)

And just because this was a knitting blog at one time, I thought I should update you on the progress of a few things.
Here is the finished Tomato Hat that I made for my cousin's new baby that is due this month some time.
baby tomato hat
How F-ing cute is this? I am going to make a few more for all the babies that are due this summer/fall. Way too cute. (Ann Norling Fruit hat pattern, Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino and another DB yarn I can't remember right now)
Edited to add- I guess I made blog lines news! , thanks to Sarah for brining this to my attention, purdy cool, huh?

And here is the progress on the baby sweater. I am hoping to have it done and in the mail before I leave for Alaska (WHAT?! ALASKA? What is that all about??? More later)
I would be further along, but realized that my original start was WAY off gauge so I frogged it and started over, on the right size needles- I am loving it. Been sneaking in time each morning to do a few rows while I sip my chai tea...
sweater progress

morning knitting
again, Debbie Bliss Cashmerino - pattern from the Last Minute Knitted gifts

and some pictures of the new house-
The entry/stairs to the bedrooms/loft take from the living/dining room (that is COVERED in purple and grey sponge paint- holy crap)
My new fabu and overly HUGE kitchen, look there is an island in there! I need an umbrella in my drink quick.
book ends
The cratins, like little book ends are enjoying the windowsills and the new view out front (see that tree? It is a Japanese maple, it is huge- and I know it will be awesome come this fall.)
keys to the world
most importantly, the keys- the previous owner gave us the keys on this key chain- there is globe on their people- it is meant to be (hubby and I are both geographers, our *worlds* are all about the world)

Have a great weekend- I have a 60th birthday/retirement party to pull off as well as teach yoga and hopefully relax.
wish me good weather and good bbq skillz...

June 01, 2006

patience kindness goodness

t.i.l.t. JUNE 1, 2006
FIRST: I would like to thank EVERYONE out there who has sent us their well wishes on the move! I really appreciate all the good thoughts coming our way- we are definitely excited (and a little lost in this new big house- yelling, lots of yelling "where are you?!")

It has been a pretty good change up so far- only a little problem with the water- the neighbor was trying to help when he say that our sprinklers were out of control the day before we moved in- so he wandered over and turned off the water. Only problem, he *turned off the water* and didn't tell us. So we were all weekend without water. On Tuesday I called the Water Authority to make a fuss about the fact that they didn't turn the water on when we asked- they said it was on- it must be on our property side- so I got the key out and marche around the house turning this valve and that (mind you I felt pretty important at that point) I finally got the water going again after a few failed attempts- viola! We have lift off- and flushing toilets! yippee...

So needless to say, have been preoccupied, but in a good way and with good things.

I felt like I needed to post- nothing craft here, I am just trying to unpack boxes and figure out where I am going to put things. We are also busy picking out colors for the walls- I think we got some good ones. My craft room/yoga room will have an awesome purple wall. I am prepping for my mom's big retirement party this weekend as well- Costco, here I come. It should be a fun day- I am so excited for her!

This all leads to the photo and to today's T.I.L.T. (things I love Thursday)

I am totally fascinated by the mystic right now. The idea that if you put a thought or an idea out in the universe it will come to you- at exactly the right time. It might be in a little different way then how you imagined it, but it will be there.
I am constantly amazed by people's kindness. Things just keep coming to us- good things, wonderful things- kindness is all around.
it blows my mind away and it makes me believe that there is a master plan- we just have to trust that it is there, we have to have the patience for it, we have to have the patience to see it when it is there.

Along these lines... Just got in touch with a long lost friend today- it is amazing to see her via photos, so many laughs so many good memories- so much silliness... She is going to have a baby with her long time sweet heart, now hubby this month. She looks amazing as a mom to be!

- I am overjoyed for them- looks like I have some more knitting to do!