June 29, 2006

Things, I, Love, Thursday 6-29-06

Things I love Thursday,
I love the scooter girl in me.
Helmet Head
I couldn't stop laughing the entire ride through Victoria, BC.
Holding on tight to my honey and feeling the wind in my face I saw a new city, a new beach, and snapped pictures of it as we went.
Ate an awesome dawg once we got to the famous garden,
looked at all the wonderful green and pink and red and yellow and petals and sweet sweet smells there were to have-

I love the feeling of it all... Wish we would have had more time, or maybe a scooter of our very own to zoom about town on, how 'bout it?


Jennifer said...

Ah, the Buchart Gardens are beautiful!

Becky said...

I have a couple friends with scooters. They love them. Mine is a bit bigger than a scooter, but the wind in the face is the same. :)

kat said...

Oh i want a vintage vespa soooo badly...a 73 rally please!

Iris said...

What a lovely place!
There is so much green, when here is a lot of yellow & brown (desert)...

lovegreendog said...

the picture of you with your helmet is super cute!