March 30, 2007

sumpin' new

I promise to have some new stuff on my flickr page after this weekend... I went to upload last night and well, the husbandman had the magic cord that coaxes the pictures in the camera to move their way onto the computer screen. Said husbandman didn't get home until 10:30 pm last night and I was long into dream land by that point.

Bikes and Apples (Apples and Bikes, taken in Seattle June '06)

I have been thinking that I want to start making cards with my photos. To sell. Am I crazy? can I get some of you to help me pick out your favorites? Good ones to make into a product. I have some favorites, but I think I am emotionally attached to some and see things differently because, hmm, because I was there. So I would love some help, some constructive criticism. Whatcha think? (head over to my photos and add a note to those you think worth of such a project)

The other reason I will have new stuff on my flickr page after this weekend is that we (Mr. Noodle and I) will be meeting up with Urban Climber for a downtown photo hunt.
I think we need to do a Reno Flickr meet up- or a Photo Treasure hunt downtown this summer, wouldn't that be a hoot?

Lots of yoga in store for this weekend... And on Monday I am meeting up with a friend to swam yoga knowledge. She does Acro Yoga and I am so excited to do some flying.

March 28, 2007

Interingness and Flexibility

"A flexible imagination is just as important as a flexible body"

Headed Into it
this photo is one of the "least interesting" according to Flickr.

Photo Taken at the Kayak Rodeo, downtown Reno @ Wingfield Park/Truckee River summer, 2005

March 23, 2007

Heading towards the light...

when you get comments like I have been getting the past two posts I know that there is light. (thank you all for your amazing words and comments)

Subway Cave
when you have a good walk and talk and dinner with your longest time friend and lunches at home with one of your newest friends, you know that there is light.

when you get up and go teach yoga at 7:30am to a 70-something year old woman who can still get into triangle pose, you know that there is light.

Thank you Thank you Thank you
For all the light in my life. You all have touched me and I feel the light coating my heart, I feel the light shining from within and I feel the light expanding across the skies, and the heavens.
Thank you Thank you Thank you

March 22, 2007


dew and copper

Sometimes, you just need a closer look.
where you were,
where you are &
where you are going.
Not staying at anyone place,
but in the moment.

feather and sand

March 21, 2007



Things have been a bit weird over at the Noodle House. I can't quite pin point it but I feel that things are changing. There is something brewing inside me that I can't quite figure out right now. It is a mood perhaps, or just the change from winter to spring (and then back again depending on what the weather here in the Biggest Little City wants to do).

There is a bit of melancholy despite the sunshine, the garden playing and the random lunches with some fabulous women lately. I feel like the blog needs a break, but I also feel like writing here is really good for me. so there is a toss up... and that is exactly what the problems are- all these toss ups right now.
I am not quite this, nor quite that.

So where does that leave me? Taking in each day at a time. I might be sparse around here, but don't give up on me dear readers. Check in and say hello if you are in the area.

~~Today is Thursday and I am in love with the daffs that have popped up all over town.

March 16, 2007

so little..

there seems to be so little time to squeeze it all in, and yet what is time really? It is something we can manipulate just by turing the hands forward on a clcok if you really think about it.
The week after day light savings change happens always throws me. Plus I taught a yoga class at 615am on Thursday and so my internal clock is realy wacko.
Driving to class yesterday I saw the most beautiful cresent moon rising, huge and beautiful. That made it all worth it.
Kitchen Fish
I have all sorts of amazing news this week.
there is a pumpkin seed growing in my best friend's belly, she has "ultrasonic" proof.
there is a diamond on my other bestfriend's finger, she has a tan line from Mexico as proof.

all this makes me want to cry. in a good way.
I am looking forward to a massage tonight, yoga tomorrow and sunday (three hours on sunday) and hopefully a walk with E to hear the proposal story and to get blinded by the new bling on her finger...

ahh, time...

March 08, 2007

Thursday I am loving...

refecltion and history

an attempt at TtV.
Failed in that the photo didn't get taken "through the viewfinder" but rather reflected off the viewfinder...
- but I really like the what I got here just the same.

My mom keeps telling me how amazed my grandfather would be with all this digital photography technology. And how proud he would be that I am using his old camera in a new way. (He used to have a dark room "down the cellar", develop and roll his own film. This is my tribute to him. A reflection of new in the old... love you grampa~

March 07, 2007


let the sun shine in!

Kitchen Sun 1

we are planning our summer.

the time has been granted to be away from work and teaching and home.

hiking, backpacking, road tripping and exploring.

death valley
highway 1
rural nevada

just the man, the dog and me.
oh boy!

March 05, 2007


through these eyes
I spent about half an hour to forty five minutes playing around with the "through the viewfinder" technique when I got home from work on Friday.
Tulips 6
There is a bit of perfecting needed, but I really like these- they are a bit haunting. Check out the entire set.

March 02, 2007

"Giggle Twins"

more from the other week-

silly face

I was hamming it up for the little girls waiting their turn in the booth.
This one made them giggle as they watched the screen outside the digi-booth...and it made me think about my best friend and I. The "giggle twins" as our mothers called us.How long we have known each other (since she was born we always say), how I used to tell people at the grocery store that I had a twin sister. Only she was from a different mom and dad (that and we are kinda like Danny DeVito and the Goven-ator from the movie Twins). But she was the closest thing I had.
I remember eating lunch at my house(mac and cheese, of course) "My McDonald's".
I remember driving to Reno, probably for a dentist apt or something, and her mom singing to us- when we passed the huge American flag at Boomtown we would all break out in "this land is your land" I could never really sing, but boy could E hold a note even at 3 or 4.
I vividly remember her telling me how she was going to run away one day while we were supposed to be napping. She packed everything up and headed out the window... at the sly old age of 4.
We have so many memories like that together... The little girls waiting outside the booth are probably a lot like we were-
I watched for a few seconds as they climbed into the box. Hugged each other tightly and smiled a huge broad grin...
That set is going to be a keeper I said to their mom- she laughed and gave me a wink as I walked away with my fresh strip in hand...

For more Photobooth lovin' check out these spots

March 01, 2007

Thursday Love

stems and morning light

When the snow is falling outside, and the temps fall I love filling the house with flowers... especially tulips. it is like sticking your tongue out at the weather.

I can hardly resist the deep purple of these lovelies...
stopping to smell
Lester can't either.

He is back by the way (lester is). Gone for two weeks this time. We thought for sure he was soup de jour for the coyotes. Until, that is we got a call from our sweet, sweet neighbors from the old house. They are so cute, and I made sure to put a bottle of wine on their door stoop to say thank you. They now know to just bring him home to the new house. What a crazy animal, he gets taxi service home. Like a drunk that gets stuck at the slot machine downtown and can't stumble home. He gets hypnotized by the call of the old neighborhood. I want to stick a camera on him so that I can see what it must be like to dodge traffic across one of the busiest streets in town to get to the old hood. I wonder what little old lady puts milk out for him and what kids try and bring him in the house and dress him up in doll clothes.
He has been home about a week now and has been completely cut off from going outside anymore. He has done this treck about 6 times now. We have no idea what to do or how to stop him.
So he has to sit in the window and dream about all the mice he could be catching...