March 28, 2007

Interingness and Flexibility

"A flexible imagination is just as important as a flexible body"

Headed Into it
this photo is one of the "least interesting" according to Flickr.

Photo Taken at the Kayak Rodeo, downtown Reno @ Wingfield Park/Truckee River summer, 2005


Knitting Momma said...

Bizarre. I like it!

angela said...

bizarre was what i was going to say! i like this alot, i can't believe the grilling wieners and pic of you and husb are in the set.

LeS said...

Besides the fact that they are WRONG - why in the world would anyone take the time to tag something that way? Is it some 'tongue in cheek' way of recognizing?
Funny little world we live in.
I think you and your photos are very interesting :)!

Ani said...

Do they just look at your photos that are least viewed? The whole "interestingness" thing is kinda funny. I have one photo in Explore, but it's just the first photo I ever posted (so it's been on flickr for years)--a sock monkey for Loobylu's Month of Softies. It's a really pedestrian photo, yet it's on Explore. I can't figure out that whole deal. But I second les, you and your pics are waaaaaay interesting!

Stacie said...

who calls it least interesting? Looks like a scream to me!! and I'm hungry for hot dogs...

Kathleen said...

i am totally digging the photos that you have been taking!
your perspective makes me gaze a bit longer and your captures are stellar!
keep it up!

your grandfather would truly be proud.

Nessie Noodle said...

Thank you all!
It is funny I have been recycling old photos, these are some from the "archives" that I thougth would be fun to post and get a little attention.

I am glad you are all enjoying them! and finding them anything but interesting-less :)

kathyb said...

I like this photo alot, I still haven't figured out the whole "interesting-ness" of flickr either. And you know I totally dig your photos!