March 30, 2007

sumpin' new

I promise to have some new stuff on my flickr page after this weekend... I went to upload last night and well, the husbandman had the magic cord that coaxes the pictures in the camera to move their way onto the computer screen. Said husbandman didn't get home until 10:30 pm last night and I was long into dream land by that point.

Bikes and Apples (Apples and Bikes, taken in Seattle June '06)

I have been thinking that I want to start making cards with my photos. To sell. Am I crazy? can I get some of you to help me pick out your favorites? Good ones to make into a product. I have some favorites, but I think I am emotionally attached to some and see things differently because, hmm, because I was there. So I would love some help, some constructive criticism. Whatcha think? (head over to my photos and add a note to those you think worth of such a project)

The other reason I will have new stuff on my flickr page after this weekend is that we (Mr. Noodle and I) will be meeting up with Urban Climber for a downtown photo hunt.
I think we need to do a Reno Flickr meet up- or a Photo Treasure hunt downtown this summer, wouldn't that be a hoot?

Lots of yoga in store for this weekend... And on Monday I am meeting up with a friend to swam yoga knowledge. She does Acro Yoga and I am so excited to do some flying.


Ani said...

Woot! There's a whole lot of good in this post!

Yay for cards! I (hope) to spend some flickr time this weekend so I'll come a'visitin'. And I agree, a meetup/hunt would be so much fun.

What's Acro-Yoga like? I've seen a few photos on your flickr, but I'm not sure what it's about.

Oh yes, and one more thing...I was looking at the Apples and Bikes photo. I saw the bikes and the little sign that said "Apples" and then POW! The apples appeared! It was like one of those magic-eye posters where your are struggling to find the picture and then it all comes into focus. Ok, this has been a huge comment...hugs and bye!

Stacie said...

i think the cards would be AWESOME! i would buy 'em. off the top of my head, there is a photo of a scone that about kills me! that one, that one!!

The Whole Self said...

your pictures rock! i wish you all the luck doing whatever you decide to do with them... can't wait to see some of your new pics.

kristen said...

This is a fun post! I think you should totally sell your photos/cards - these are my favorite type of cards to buy.
Your photo treasure hunt idea is brilliant - I might have to borrow the idea.

The Giant said...

Cards sound like a great idea. I think the one in this post would be a really good one.

Acro yoga: yeah!! I still want to know more. Does she have a website or blog or something. I'll be stretching in the meantime :)

Lunch also sounds awesome. I think I'll be out of town next Mon-Thurs but maybe next Friday? Let me know