April 03, 2007

The desert awaits

A big thanks for all the encouragement on my last post. And a HUGE over the top thank you to Pancakemama who has taken a bit of time to go through my Flickr stream and find her favorites. I thank you again and again for sorting through and givin' the support.
Dusk in Joshua Tree National Park

We are gearing up for a camp trip in the desert. Death Valley to be exact. It is looking to be warm one. Triple.digit.warm.

The house is getting cleaned, the camp gear organized, the car tuned up, and the cameras cleaned off... except for that new camera that we are waiting patiently to arrive on the door step. We ordered a Canon D30 this weekend and it is supposed to be in our hot little hands by Thursday. I am over the top excited about this new little gem. I have been hunting down photos tagged with Death Valley out on Flickr, look at the beauty that awaits us.


Stacie said...

you are my long-lost dessert sister! I am here, stranded out on the Lone Prair-ee, and I love every minute of your dessert-y goodness! have a fabulous time, re-charge, and take lots and lots and lots of pictures!! (you know I loved the road shot... that's my new thing! ;D)

Left-handed Trees... said...

Beauty awaits you indeed...oh my...the sky, the sky! I cannot wait to see your photos...travel well.

Ani said...

Have a lovely, lovely time! It's been far too long since I've been down there. I love it so much. Looking forward to seeing/hearing about your trip.

No worries, it was a pleasure to delve into your photostream!

Sonja said...

I loved Death Valley. So much so that I campaigned to have a Death Valley trip instead of a Yosemite trip (which I've been asking for ever since we got home from the last one). I think what I loved the most was the silence. It's mind-blowing. Have fun!
PS: Thanks for the linky love!!!