January 31, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

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This month we are too look at those piece and part of ourselves that we haven't quite accepted as beautiful. The photos can be current or past-

I am using a past photo- this is from high school graduation day.

Two tone hair? What was I thinking? Blondes just wanna have fun, but burnets get it done. Split personality issues abound when you are in high school. Not to mention that my hair was cut so short at this time! Pixie cut was FINALLY growing out my hair was actually "long" in this photo.

ACNE! Good lord, look at my forehead. I still hate when I break out. I am really self conscious about it. At least it isn't this bad anymore.

I am a space alien- actually I loved those sunglasses. They were purple; they were perfect for snowboarding and hanging at Donner Lake - all season. But I do have to say that I look a bit like the character from Star Trek.

Accessories... earrings, ring, watch? What is all that? None if matches and it is gold. I don't even like to wear gold- hmmm.
This was one of the best days of my life, it meant a new chapter. It meant freedom, it meant college. I was ready to start the journey....
So much has changed, so much is the same- I am still a huge goof ball when it comes to clothes and I am a total accessory freak. Although, now I wear the same two bracelets, my wedding ring and mix up the earrings and the necklace for spice. I love to wear scarves to dress up a causal outfit for work. I have stopped messing with the color of my hair, well sort of. I wear it long I wear it short, but I don’t think I will ever cut it that short again. And I now realize I am not supposed to have blonde hair, well DUH~

January 26, 2006

Sign me up~

I am strolling around Blogville and what do I find? A few worthy KALs to place in my mind.
One is all about color and one is all about socks,
I just can't close the door when opportunity knocks.....

January 24, 2006


So remember a few months ago when I told you that I have a ton of friends that are pregnant? Well, within the last 2 weeks those pregnant gals have become new moms. I am so excited to meet all of them-

That means I need to make a few hats. I finished one and have another one on the needles. I am using the yarn that my holiday gift swapper sent me along with some cascade fixation along the brim- for extra stretch and staying power.

didn't get much knitting tonight- but check out this! WOW am I a nutty organization freak or what?

Hey, it works, now I can "see" my stash without having to dig.

I have posted quite a bit this week, so be sure to scroll down- if nothing else but for the pictures.

it's almost hump day, baby!

January 23, 2006

SPT- History

Just a historic look at myself... Don't laugh, I bet you have a few like this in your collection too!

What is your favorite look? Is it the oversized glasses that I insisted on wearing to "look smart"? Or is it the crazy kid in the walker picture? I am keen to the blender picture myself...

From top right over to the left:
Mom holding me just a little noodle then. Sucking my toe. Cowgirls are cool. Crazy woman at the wheel. Watching the world. Hiking in the Grand Canyon. Face painting at the Air Races. Playing in the snow. Drinking beer, I mean picking up trash to be recycled. Gone Fishin'. Smarty pants. Graduation punk girl. Boy George/Blossom/NKOTB- its your call. First car (that steel reinforcement is good for any new driver). Barbazon-don't ask it was a bad faze, I promptly thru away my razor and died my hair purple, no joke. That isn't a smoothie. Traveling the world. Looking down at Tahoe. Waiting in Mexico. Standing on post next to a post under a post sign.

B is for....

B is for Balloon. Not the kind of balloon that you get at a birthday party or a grand opening, but the kind you can ride under and see the world below.

Every year at the park up the street from my house are the Great Reno Balloon Races. It is a huge event which bringings people from all over into our city. RVs line up along McCarran Blvd just north of the park to set up camp. Those who live close enough walk up to the park in the wee hours of the morning with a big thermos full of hot chocolate or coffee, lawn chairs and blankets to watch the show.

This is what they call "Dawn Patrol". It is like watching glow bugs in the summer sky twinkle and show themselves.

early early early

And then the sunrises and you stroll around all the balloons as they fill with hot air and begin to take on a new shape and slowly make their way into the big sky. They usually float above our house, and when hubby and I used to live in a place just around the corner and up the street one landed in a neighbors front yard.
I love the sound of the balloons. And can only imagine what the heat must be like if you are sitting in the little basket under the flame.

The year these pictures were taken I actually forgot to put film in my camera for the first hour I was there. At 4am who could expect anything less? I was happily snapping away and then it struck me that I had taken more then my allotted 36 pictures. When I looked, no film. I quickly put in a roll and ran off to take more shots. Hubby caught the dawn patrol with our digi cam- I caught some of the others with the film cam.

B is for balloon....

January 22, 2006


What have I been up to?

Friday night:
I went to see Brokeback Mountain. I won't tell you to go see it,unless you want to. Then I would tell you, "You really should go. Go now".

If you don't want to see it, then I will tell you, "Don't waste your time".

I will also tell you if you believe in love, that maybe, just maybe, you should see this flick.

I will also tell you I have NEVER sat in my uncomfortable movie seat not knowing what to say when the credits began to roll. And I never expected to find myself looking up for a converstion with my fellow movie goers to see adverts for the next showing come up on the screen.. NEVER.

I am still in what my friend LR refers to as a "movie bubble"- yes more than 36 hours later, I am still thinking about what the movie had to say. The emotions and the scenery.

But, back to Friday night and what I did....
After we were able to pry ourselves out of the theater seats, we decided we need to have a beer. We strolled down to Java Vino and bellied up for a tall beverage and even taller conversation.
The conversation drifted from hysterical to serious and back again taking the usually twists and turns as people we knew stopped by to say hello. The converstaion became so amazingly touching, and at one point I had to hold back tears. We were talking about the movie, but we were also talking about real life. About our loves, about lives. About death and about birth (sinse we have all been touched by this recently in one way or another). We were talking and growth and realizing how much of an impact we all have on one another, even and especially, when we don't know it.

I am constantly amazed with the friends I find myself surrounded by. They all seem so much more creative, forgiving, more intelligent, more reserved, more willing to let life just happened, and more at ease with what they have chosen to do as a career. They all seem so much more beautiful, more stylish. They all seem to just be, while I sit and feel restless and crazed.
But on Friday night I learned that my friends, well they see it the other way around- I had no idea of the foot print that I create.
I hope that is a good thing. I hope that my prints are leading in a positive direction, and I hope that that print doesn't ever squash anyone as I walk by....
I am trulyblessed to have such amazing friends around me all the time. Thank you. If you are reading this today girls- you are the ones giving me big shoes to fill and I look up to you.

Thank you for helping me grow and blossom, and for being such a beautiful source of inspiration.

What did I do on Saturday?

I organized a gaggle and we headed out with our snowshoes, x-country skis, and bathing suites for a little road trip. Yep you read that right, I did say bathing suites and snowshoes in the same sentence. If you drive south and west of Reno for about 70 miles you will reach a little town named Markleeville. Just outside of town you will come to a State Park ... there is a great place to putt around in your snow gear and when you are tired and cold you can hop in the hotsprings and relax. It is perfect!

What did I do so far today?
This is what happens when you don't try things on and think you are finished.

This is what happens when you take your time, and measure and check details and are patient with yourself and you knitting abilities.
see the difference?

It's all a matter of growth!

January 19, 2006

I am an Olymipid- or how ever you spell it.

Before you start reading this post I must tell you that
A. Blogger was being a TOTAL piece of sh@)! today when I was trying to post
B. Therefore my spelling sucks because I was so frustrated with the darn thing.
C. That's it, read on....

I was visiting Becky - she tagged me by the way, see the bottom of the post for the meme- and she had a link to the UFOlympics
I loved it, I signed up for it - now I am committed.
So what is the UFO I will be FOing?
My Mrs. B's, thank you.
And I have put a carrot out there for myself- If I get that done I will allow myself to finish my second sock.
"what's that you say, the SECOND sock? That would mean you finished the first sock, no?"
Well, sort of.... Okay, so I am not quite on the second one yet. I was at SnB last night and got to the kitchener toe close- but when I tried it, my toes were sticking thru. I didn't make it long enough. I am going to rip it tonight, extend it and then seal the deal baby. I can hardly wait. I love the way the striping turned out with this colorway.

Four Jobs You Have Had In Your Life:
1. Waitress at Bruno's Country Club - Gerlach's finest- serving up "world famous ravioli"- GAG me with a pitch fork please-
2. Lab technical at an onion dehydration plant - no joke people. My eyes watered all summer long and my clothes, well, let's just say that I wore the same 2 outfits all summer long. Just can't get that smell out.
3. V.I.S.T.A. Volunteer for Nevada Conservation Corps
4. GIS analyst for the local school district

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over -- even though I don't like to repeat movies:
1. Goonies-- I think I have about all the words memorized. This is funny one because it is mindless and silly
2. Garden State- it's the overall message
3. Office Space-- Especially after a crappy day at work. Can I have my stapler please?
4. Sixteen Candles/Pretty In Pink/Breakfast Club-- No more yankee my wankee!

Four Places You Have Lived:
1. Truckee, CA
2. Gerlach, NV
3. Arcata, CA
4. Chico, CA
5. Reno, NV

Four TV Shows You Love To Watch:
1. The Simpsons
2. Malcolm in the Middle - I HOWL at those boys...
3. Everybody Loves Raymond- again, I nearly pee my pants at this show every time.
4. Extreme Tear Jerker- er I mean Home Makeover

Four Places You Have Been On Vacation:
1. Spain- that was school related, but I think I played more than anything- Una jara sangria por favor! (please forgive me for not spelling properly, I only had to "Say" this not write it.)
2. Backpacking/Kayaking/Camping La Manzanilla, Costa Alegre. - This is the trip that brought hubby and I together ....
3. Kauai- Honeymooning it
4. Mini-shoota (Minnesota) to see one of my bestest buddies.

Four Websites You Visit Daily:
1. Flickr
2. My Blogger Friends
3. Yarn or pattern sites
4. Threadbared

Four Of Your Favorite Foods:
1. Mexican Food
2. Annie's mac and cheese
3. warm chocolate chip cookies
4. Mom's Banana bread.

Four Places You Would Rather Be Right Now:
1. In the moment
2. On my couch, with my cats and a cup of tea- knitting
2. Mt. Rose snowboarding- it snowed yesterday!
4. Mexico- San Miguel de Allende - painting and drawing and wandering around the art studios.

January 17, 2006

Sock Progress

Sock Progress
Originally uploaded by NessieNoodle.
I finally got past the gusset and am working my way towards the toe~ now that I get it I feel really good~
quick post, lots to do- homework, dinner, knit....

sock progress part two...

sock progress
Originally uploaded by NessieNoodle.
Side view... looking good.
WOW! my legs are white, can someone send me to the tropics? I need a tan.

January 16, 2006


This is one of my favorite shots with my very most AMAZING and wonderful mom. We were "on the farm" in Napa, CA for the "crush".

She moved out "west" after college, found Tahoe and never looked back. She moved me to the middle of no-where Nevada and gave me the most amazing childhood in a little town next to the Black Rock Desert.

She taught me to be a strong yet caring person. She also taught me how to laugh, how to bake a mean chocolate chip cookie, about our country by traveling across it via the train, and how to survive on a shoestring and still come out on top.

She always looks at me and says,"We made it! Can you believe how far we have made it?" When I moved away from home for college she told me, "you'll be back" and I was.

She is the one who called me Nessie Noodle first... Probably because all I would eat when I was little was Mac and Cheese, but that is a whole other story.

She was/is okay with it when I needed to "get my screams out", she understands.

We live less then a mile away from each other- and that is good. One never knows when they will need their mom.

January 14, 2006


Are you lonesome tonight? Check out this product (do you think they will start creating haptic yarn someday? Weird!)

The Felted Secret Pal signups are coming to a close. Lu, our fearless leader over at Maglia! will be passing out our partners this Sunday. If you are interested in participating we would love to have you! Please go here to sign up.

Socks- How could something this small take this long. I decided to just go for it the other night with the sock issue. I was making progress and then I dropped a stitch and it quickly unraveled... I thought of the Weezer song, "If you want to destroy my sweater,- o-woo-o-woo, take this tread as you walk away, as you walk away...."
In short I frogged it back to where the leg part ends. Even though it is frustrating I am taking it as a total learning experience.
I have been thinking a lot about how I react when I can't do something right or when I mess up on something. Knitting is wonderful in that it teaches me that I can pull something apart and start over and it will all be okay. This is part of my yoga training talking too, but I love how it overlaps into my crafty side too. I can mess up and still be alright. Everything doesn't and can't be perfect- BUT if the intention is there for perfection you will some day get pretty darn close.

It is interesting when I met the Procrastinknitters last week for SnB I was helping someone with their project before the person who was going to help me showed. The person I was helping was stuck. She had started to purl in a row of knitting and had attempted to go back and fix it which resulted in a mess. When she realized she couldn't fix the problem she just froze. As I was helping her get things back to where they should be I realized how different I was from this knitter (with the exception of the socks). She had to have her project coming out EXACTLY as the patterns said, and if it strayed from that she would stop until help could be administered. There was gleaning over an added stitch or a flubbed attempt to pick up a dropped stitch- it was simply stop. I on the other hand will just shrug my shoulders and keep going. My projects don't come out sloppy or wrong, but they definitely have a personality to them. Most of the time I just make it up as I go and hope it works.... I totally am jealous of my friend who has her work exact, her projects are clean and simple looking. No wonky stitches, just neat rows.

What do you do? Are you a rogue knitter, a person who lets the needles do the thinking. Or are you a perfectionist knitter, following the pattern to a "T" (what DOES that expression mean- think about it, isn't it a silly saying?).

Pictures... (admit it you just scrolled down until you saw a picture.)
Per Iris' request I am putting up a few pictures of another obsession I have- GLASS. While in college I worked in a shop in downtown Truckee, CA that sold stained glass, blown glass, glass jewelry, glass windchimes... You name it was probably in there (yes, right next door to the famous "Squeeze In" you can see it in the link).
Needless to say, after 2 summers and a few winter breaks of working in the shop I decided I HAD to learn how to do this too. I took up stained glass because it is the one that takes the least amount of equipment - no kiln, no fire- just a grinder, a cutter, flux, copper foil or lead and you were good to go. Stained glass is a lot like knitting. I have a "stash" of glass
just like I have a stash of yarn. There are colors involved and color combinations to be made. There are lots of different types of textures you can choose from and do you want hand rolled or machine rolled sheets of glass? I haven't done much glass since I took up knitting- the portability of yarn and needles has me. But I have been thinking about make a few little projects as Valentines.
Here is the first project I ever did about 4 years ago now.

January 11, 2006

Nope, not here

I am on the bandwagon... Or rather the sock wagon. I just joined the
200socks! KAL

On that note.
I won't tell you how stuck I am on my socks (especially after all that gloating in yesterday's post). I won't tell you how I can't figure out how to move on after I finished that easy-peasy little heel, oh no. You won't hear me whine about the fact that I can't figure out what stitches to pick up. And you definitely won't smell the smoke from my ears because I don't understand what 6 stitches to pickup here or what 10 to pick up there... Nope, not here.
- I could blame all this on the pattern, after all aren't all patterns supposed to have at least one error in them- but I won't. At least not until after tomorrow's SnB.
Thank heavens for 7-11, the FSM and of course the Procrastiknitters. They will all come to my rescue tomorrow. How you ask?

  • Nachoes for sustenance while I knit at a place that doesn't serve food, but has the best couches and good lighting,
  • faith in myself and all things divine (such addi turbos and kid silk haze) and
  • knitting guidance

(you decided which gives me what and we will call it even, okay)

happy hump day everyone!

January 10, 2006

Resolving to Heel & SPT

Are you a Noodle-Lurker? Did you know? It is national Leave a Comment Week?

I know there are a few of you out there. How? Because you told me, silly. So make my "happy-Ness" and say sumptin' would ya!

And while you are at it, put a dot on my map. After all, I am a geographer. We like maps. So go on, Map Me Silly.

Originally uploaded by NessieNoodle.

As promised KNITTING content:

I did it. I turned the heel on my first sock. My question is, what is everyone making such a big deal out of this part for? It wasn't that hard, I just followed the pattern and I was on my way ("Well La-Tea-Da for you Noodle head", my readers think to themselves). I really don't think it was so bad- picking up the stitches is a bigger pain in the rear than the heel was.

I am using a pattern from my "pattern a day" calendar I got for my birthday (so I skipped ahead to Oct. 20th, but "Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody care?")

The yarn is Lana Grossa Colorway # 337
Today is Tuesday, you know what that means don't you?

SPT of course!

I decided to dedicate this week to portraits of me with my "dads". To me a dad can be someone who is your flesh and blood, they can be someone who helped raise you even if they didn't have to, and they can be the person who raised your significant other. Because my biological father passes when I was still young, people often think that I didn't have a "dad". But I think that I have been blessed to have many "dads".

All of these men are strong pieces of who I am. I love them all...

This is my "Daddy" and me on the farm in Napa, CA. I didn't get to see him too often, but I sure did love the man- I got his blue eyes and his ability to tan- my mother always says, "Thank God you didn't get his nose". He passed on when I was about eleven, but I am still in very good contact with my sisters from his previous marriage which has allowed me to keep connected to him and to that side of my family. Do you like our duds? I am pretty sure my mom made my dress (can I get some pants please?) and his shirt (gotta love that print!)

This is a man who is like a dad to me- Buffalo (yes, that is his name). He is an amazing, creative and resourceful person. He sees the value in family even if they aren't blood. He gives the best hugs and makes some of the best food. He is also an amazing carpenter/artist.And my latest additions of dads, my "pops-in-law". I love this photo- someone caught the moment he was welcoming me "officially" into the family. I am so lucky to have such wonderful support from my inlaw(s). PIL is a wonderful man that has raised a family that is full of love and support. He too is creative and very talented (especially behind the camera).

Next week? An SPT dedication to my mom. She is such a SUPERWOMAN... But I will save that for next week. Join me then, won't you?

January 09, 2006

ahh the memories...

WOW- you all are great! This was is so much fun. If you didn't see yesterday's post please scroll down and follow the directions. I love the imagination involved. I spent about an hour and a half working on my socks last night. I am about to the part where I turn the heel. I decided it was getting too late so I will pick it up again tonight and see where I go with it. I am thinking socks are going to be addictive. They seem fast and challenging enough to keep my interest. I also like the portability of the project, fits nicely into my purse. There are a few patterns I have come across that I would like to try next. Check these out over at My Fashionable Life. (You’ll have t scroll down ... But enjoy all the other fabu patterns she has out there while you are at it!) It is Monday... Off to work, or something like that.

January 08, 2006

Remember MeMe

I was cruising around blogville today via the ABC Along webring and stumbled onto this blog...
I loved the idea so here is the challenge.... (and I am copying)

"Ok, I am so thrilled with this meme I stumbled on via Mozemen (who found it via this blog).
The premise is to comment with a memory of me you may have but:
If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL MEMORY OF YOU AND ME.It can be anything you want--good or bad--BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE.When you're finished, post this on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people DON'T ACTUALLY remember about you.
Okey dokey. There."

So read... imagine... write....

I ripped out that sock for the 5th time. I kept turning and twisting the caston so I couldn't tell where I was at. Last night while sitting in line to get my car washed I started over with a new pattern and when I got home I watched a movie with Hubby and got about 2 inches on the ribbing. I tried it on and felt satisified with the fit thus far. (last one was a bit to big and was going to result in a saggy sock, and who wants a saggy sock??)

I will post pictures when there I have started on the tricky parts. Oh and by the way, I was visiting "Fly In My Soup" and she had a few sock tips that I thought I would pass along...

Happy "Pajama Day" everyone! (yes, I am in my pajamas and it is almost 1pm thank you!)
Is anyone else out there with me?? Let me know!

January 05, 2006

A is for....

I am participating in the ABC Along hosted by "How the West Was Spun"....

NOTE: if this is too sappy just go here and here (my previous posts today). I promise it will clear all of those smoochy sticky sweet thoughts right out of your mind. For any of you who might be worried, don't be. I promise not to let those two "fuglies" get much closer (she made him a scarf, and tha is almost as dangerous as making your man a sweater, right?)
.... littlefuglies could be almost as bad as Gremlins.
Ahhh, but I am TOTALLY off subject. Now, where was I? oh yes...
First week, first letter
A is for:
My partner in crime, the love of my life, my best friend, my Mr. Fixit, my hiking partner, my hubby.
I love you A!

All is fair in love and WAR

I decided that Disco Mamma-Jamma (DMJ) needed a MAN! Drum roll please: behold the fugly boyfriend .. Yahoo! Avatars
see how it is in the "cards" for them to fall in love??
DMJ made that scarf for him (I told you guys, that big red bag was a knitters dream of notions and yarn)...
DMJ disco-knits. It is the next big thing (haven't you heard?)
She really wanted it to be made out of the "disco" yarn (free sample ) but she didn't get it in time for the holiday gift giving experience. *sigh*.
The argyle will have to do.

On a side note: I was out on my lunch break today and I actually SAW a woman walking downtown Reno that LOOKED JUST like Disco-Mamma-Jamma *shudder*! I almost got in an accident in my excitement! I thought perhaps it was a strange voo-doo thing happnening.

Obviously I have done no knitting thus far in the week- although I did attempt a bit of the sock while I was loading new software on my computer, but people kept coming in and talking to me and I lost my place. I had to frog the whole thing ARG!... This will have to keep you entertained until I actually pick up the needles and sit quitely for a while.

January 04, 2006

Avatar Wars....

So, I am out surfing checking out my usually reads. I was over at Becky's and I saw this link. So I went and I laughed. I voted, and then I ran over to my Yahoo! account to create an avatar- I am not sure if I got her as "ugly" as she should be, but she is pretty bad. I think it has something to do with the "I *heart* Daddy t-shirt and the snake, but the disco lights do something special for me...
Yahoo! Avatars
what do you think, make yourself one and let me know so I can see just how "ugly" your avatar is!

**NOTE: the baseball bat and her bad ass dog? also, that there bag is FULL of fancy yarn and needles, so stop judging me, okay.

January 03, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday- history

Back in the SPT game...

(check the link for more details about January's challenge)

This picture was taken last winter- We were getting dumped on with all the snow-somewhere around 4 feet fell in the valley floor, unheard of! The "Biggest Little City" was crippled.

We had been cooped up ALL day and I needed to go out and play-
I really love this pic of the two of us. We actually used this card as a "Valentine" to our family and friends last year.

January 02, 2006


Originally uploaded by NessieNoodle.
Sticking to my Knitting resolution for 2006 I have started my first sock!

I am using Lana Grossa self striping yarn. "Magic Loop" method, no DPNs for me.(that was not one of my resolutions)
I am actually thinking of ripping this becasue today on my "pattern a day" calendar there was a pattern for socks that I like a little bit more.
It was supposed to start snowing today, but it is just more rain. At least Mount Rose is getting the white stuff...I might have to get my board out this week and go play in the pow-pow!
I am off to start one of the resolutions I didn't put down on the last entry, "do homework".