January 16, 2006


This is one of my favorite shots with my very most AMAZING and wonderful mom. We were "on the farm" in Napa, CA for the "crush".

She moved out "west" after college, found Tahoe and never looked back. She moved me to the middle of no-where Nevada and gave me the most amazing childhood in a little town next to the Black Rock Desert.

She taught me to be a strong yet caring person. She also taught me how to laugh, how to bake a mean chocolate chip cookie, about our country by traveling across it via the train, and how to survive on a shoestring and still come out on top.

She always looks at me and says,"We made it! Can you believe how far we have made it?" When I moved away from home for college she told me, "you'll be back" and I was.

She is the one who called me Nessie Noodle first... Probably because all I would eat when I was little was Mac and Cheese, but that is a whole other story.

She was/is okay with it when I needed to "get my screams out", she understands.

We live less then a mile away from each other- and that is good. One never knows when they will need their mom.


JessaLu said...

Great picture :o)

Dani said...

The pic is great and you are very lucky to have your mom so close. I think you know from my blog I lost my mom in Nov 04, but I appreciate all we had - even the silly spats and stuff. Hug her extra tight :-)

Liz said...

great picture, love the mom thing... and you are lucky to have her so close.

Nessie Noodle said...

Thanks gang-
I know I am a very lucky gal to have my mamma so close by.

Mandy said...

What a great picture! How lucky are you to have your mom so close! Mine lives 3 1/2 hrs away!

Kimberli said...

Great photo!!

You're lucky to live so close to your Mom. WIsh I did -- but she knows...I'll not "be back" any time soon...she was the one who encouraged me to chase the dream...
...the chase goes on! :-)

tammy said...

LOVE your boots! this is such a sweet photo, & post! viva moms!