October 31, 2006

green to gold and sweet, sweet teeth

pumpkin and grapes, originally uploaded by NessieNoodle.

Enjoy as the greens of the world merge to the other end of the spectrum.
Enjoy the yellows, oranges, browns and golds.
Enjoy the weather getting cool and crisp. The need for hats scarves and mittens.
Enjoy the days getting shorter and
and breath in and out slowly and thoughtfully as the world turns and spins and circles round that big old star we call the sun.

Happy Halloween (and Nevada Day) everyone!

We carved pumpkins on Sunday evening with friends and have a bucket full of candy for tonight.

I teach yoga tonight, but am hoping to get home in time to be able to pass out some candy to the ghost and gobblins of our 'hood.

October 27, 2006

Friday's Fiasco, Favorites, Fiber and more Favorites

I was on my way to Target this morning and hit a dog- I didn't killer her, but she was hurt. I am still replaying the whole thing in my mind.
I had just gone through an intersection near one of the parks in town that has a dog run area. I heard a huge thump, and then a yelp. I stopped the car and tried to absorb what had just happened. I heard yelling and couldn't find my hazard flasher button on the dash, so I just pulled out of the road. I saw the owner carrying the dog and I rushed over to see what I could do. I helped him get her into the car and he just kept saying, "it's not your fault, it's not your fault. She ran after another dog."
I feel terrible- so I need to send out good vibes for that poor dog-
I didn't even see her coming. I am so, so sorry....


I have no booth photo today, and missed TILT yesterday- but I am making up for it with this little list of goodness....

1. It is NEVADA DAY (observed) so that means no work today. Just hanging out around the house getting chores done. A in the yard
I love this holiday. Are we the only state that celebrates the day the state became a state?

2. Cloe has gotten very comfortable with us. Shas started to come out of her shell and is a little rascal. She makes me laugh.
crazy puppy The best part about a dog is when you are out and about with one, people smile. They might be walking by with a total sour face, but when they spot the ball of fluff on the end of the lead, they smile-
Then they either stop and pet the fluff and laugh or they keep walking by that same goofy smile on their face. I think this is one of my favorite parts. You could make someone's entire day just by taking the dog out for a walk... I love that.

3. This cat-whiskers he loves me even though I brought home a second kitten almost 4 years ago, and now this dog is invading his world. But he still snuggles with me at night when I get home from work. basking in the sunHe licks my face when I pick him up and follows me (and now Cloe) around the house when I am home. He is my Lester Lewis...

And as promised last week, a sneak at the secret project that is underway- secret project

one project almost done- (to the insano washo machino for you), 7 more to go... At least I have ideas for each gift that I have to make. That is the hardest part of the Crafting Christmas.


- My 5 favorites from Flickr this week:

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4. untitled, kookooface

October 23, 2006

Booties and Brides

no, no, not that kind of booty- these kinds of booties.
Baby Booties
These were a quick little knit and I will definitely make them again- seems like a good use of left over yarn since they didn't take much at all.
The pattern is from the pattern a day calendar and I used some knit picks sock yarn that the lovely Becky sent me in a swap earlier this year.

Also did a little knitting this weekend and am ready to head to the washer for a bit-o-felting excitement. First time felting with the new insane-o washer machine (I swear this thing could take flight if it wanted to when it heads into spin cycle) so I am going to keep my fingers crossed.

Had a lovely weekend.
I spent the morning wandering around Apple Hill with the gals while the boys did their ritual pre-ceremony golfing extravaganza.
accented with orange
There were so many wonderful fresh fruits and of course apples (in Bubba style -random movie reference-,) there were apple pies and apple milk shakes, apple cider and caramel apples. There was apple fudge and apples to just eat. Apples sitting and looking pretty and others that were on the move.
movin' the apples
besides apples there were also pumpkins and squash persimmons
Tons and tons of kids and dogs.
There was a wee little petting zoo and pony rides- good thing I had Cloe Dog with me or I might have begged for a pony ride.

I managed to leave with only a bag full of these, pears
a piece of fudge and one caramel apple.

The wedding was gorgeous,
see the cake
and the center pieces?
The weather was perfect
and the dancing was kick ass (Sorry no pics I was too busy shakin' my groove thang to snap any shots).

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately- thinking about yoga and how I want to have more time to practice. Thinking about how I can integrate postures and breathing into my day and infuse them into my life. I am teaching one class a week right now but in the spring will that number to four. I am hoping I haven't overstepped my limit. That I can find that magical balance between too much and just enough. I am really looking forward to one of the classes in particular- Parent/Child class. I am thinking to find a few children's books that I can integrate postures into the story as we go. So kinda of like a reading circle movement class. I love the idea of bonding with your child through movement and breath- and I love the idea of giving families time together and tools to spend time together. Any of you mommies out there have any books that might be good for this type of thing? I would love suggestions.

I am crazy with work, with life and with love at home- How could I not be in love with this man? Look at him- Andy
(I love seeing all the boys gussied up in their monkey suites and feeling good about themselves)

I am looking forward to having Friday off, it is Nevada Day kids. Remember this post from last year? I will be singing the Nevada state song all day long just because I can sleep in with my man and play with the dog and vacuum the house (no really it makes me happy to get to do that). Here's to a SHORT week!

October 20, 2006

Photo Booth Friday-Zombie


This one kind freaks me out-
The frame is really out of focus. I look like a zombie- with no eyes. Or kinda like the woman from a Twighlight Zone that I remember watching as a kid- the one where the woman is upstairs watching old b&w cartoons and has no mouth- there was a kid that had something to do with the no mouth part, but my memory fails me...

We are off to wedding-ize this weekend. Half day at work, and lots of wine to look forward to and good friends to laugh with. A is in the wedding, and I am going to help set things up with the bride and the bridal party. My goal is to take as many photos as I can this weekend. I have been feeling really inspired by what I am seeing out on Flickr. I really like the idea from over on port2port. Mav does a list of her favs on Flickr each week... I think I may join in the idea. Hope she doesn't mind~

I have a few things on the knitting needles, mostly top secret Christmas gifts...(we make all the gifts for our family. I am thinking functionable art)
I will throw a few photo teasers out there next week- I don't know if the fam reads my blog and I don't want to spoil the surprise.

I also finished a sweet little pair of baby booties. I will share pictures on Monday.

Happy Photo Booth Friday gang.

October 19, 2006

Reflection Cisco Grove- TILT

Reflection Cisco Grove, originally uploaded by NessieNoodle.

Cisco Grove is sandwiched between the Yuba River, Old Highway 40 and I-80 as you are heading over Donner Summit.

Cisco Grove

Before I-80, Highway 40 took you from Truckee, CA to Sacramento or the Bay Area and Cisco Grove was a thriving little spot for travelers to stop to refuel their cars and themselves. There were shops, a resturaunt and a gas station. Today there isn't much on that side of I-80 but the remnants of the old stone buildings and a few cabins.

Cisco Grove

One of my first jobs I worked as a Natural Resource Planner. Cisco Grove was a place we were trying to preserve not just because of the beauty but also because of the history of the place.

Fall at Cisco Grove

To find out more about Cisco Grove its history and its function today Google any one of these organizations mentioned in the photo below.

I love stopping here on the way over the hill, especially in the fall when the Cisco, Aspens and other species of trees are changing color.

October 17, 2006

Cloverdale "Cloe" Pesto

I present to you the newest fluff ball on the block....

Cloe and A foot

Got Yarn? Get to Given'!

If you have any extra yarn or knitting supplies that you would like to contribute them to a good cause (we are talking kids knitting here) go check out Major Knitter .
Noodle Knitting
Hurry, the deadline is Saturday. And she is having a contest too I believe.


Pictures of our crazy busy, but wonderful weekend to come- I have photos of the wonderful changing landscape over Donner Summit and of the new puppy- her official name is Cloverdale Pesto- but we call her Cloe for short. She is a total smile maker and I can hardly stand coming into work- to bad I can't bring her with me to sit on my feets while I play with data all day long.


Busy week this week-
Teaching yoga tonight for the School District's Community Education program and sub for someone on Thursday over at Yoga Loka. Interviewed yesterday with a new yoga studio and looks like I will add at least one more class a week to my teaching schedule. I am looking forward to it. I might add an early morning class later on in Decemeber. So exciting to be teaching- and breathing... ahhh.

more to come. more to come

October 13, 2006

Photo Booth Friday... Say ahhhh addition

RedlandsBooth say ahhhh

I have been at the doc's a ton these past few weeks, so I suppose this photo is appropriate. I was supposed to have to go in for surgery today (gasp, on Friday the 13th) however, my little body did a good job at healing itself and I am free to come to work. I couldn't be more happy to have to go in to work today. Anything to not have to be put under....
FYI- I am well, just a little "Glitch in the Matrix" you might say.

This weekend holds some very exciting things.
We are headed down (or rather up and over the hill) for a visit with this dear friend and her man- I haven't seen her since the Fourth of July!
We are going to pick one of these little ones to be our new housemate
Mini Schnauzer Puppies
(They are mini schnauzers, cute huh?)

and lastly, we are going to Ikea in search of the perfect bookshelves and maybe some night stands too.

Mostly, what I am excited about is I get to do all this with my man and that makes me smile :)
All dressed up

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October 09, 2006

JDRF 2006 -

originally uploaded by NessieNoodle.
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Walk- University of Nevada, Reno campus 2006- here is our team picture from last year.
Two of the woman in this photo have Juvenile Diabetes...
Without their medical bracelets, would you know who it was?

One of the gals just celebrated her 20th year
(3 shots a day x 20 years=21,900 pin pricks, plus some)
The other womand just had her first anniversary of being diagnosed, at age 27.

Juvenile Diabetes doesn't just affect children- this is a life long issue that can affect young and old, families and friends.

Please help us find a cure...

October 06, 2006

Olive, booth and tourist

Olive is almost complete. For the most part I am pretty happy with the way she turned out... I do have a few skills I need to improve upon when it comes to sewing seems, but I will get there!
Olive and the machine
For more information about the Make-a-long Story go visit Wee Wonderfuls.
And to see others check out the Flickr page.
I really like that I re-purposed some of the fabric for Olive. Her skirt was once a "hippie" dress that I never wear anymore so I undid the seams and cut out her skirt. The shoes I have had in my stash for over 2 years- I thought they were a fun contrast to the oranges she is wearing up top. I have to decide if she should have blue eyes or brown... What do you think?

It is Friday, and you know what that means!

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Oh, and I am totally addicted to JPG Mag- if you haven't gone over and voted for my last entry give it a whirl... And what do you think about this one for the "tourist" theme? If you do give me a thumbs up~

October 01, 2006

Delayed booth and vote

So glad to be home home home.

Here is a little something that I finished up last week before I took off:
polka dot elephant- front
I have made 3 of these, and have gotten nothing but rave reviews. This one will be on it's way to her new owner sometime next week.
polka dot elephant- back

Last weekend was beautiful in Phoeniz, AZ and perfect for a wedding. Hubby's sister got married and it couldn't have been a sweeter afternoon. The words and the people were all beautiful. Congrats you two! We love you and hope you are having a ball on your honeymoon.
I failed to take my camera with me to the ceremony- things got a little hectic and we had to rush to get over to the party.
I did get a picture of our new friend how ever...
new friend
isn't he/she sweet? ack! The people at the hotel tried to tell me that it wasn't a roach... um okay.
And a nice shot of my man at the rehersal dinner...

On Sunday I was off to Redlands, CA for a weeks worth of training. I was dreading the whole thing, but in the end I walked away feeling pretty good about the knowledge I had prior and all the new knowledge I have now- excellent instructors. Plus, I was in the GIS motherland- where GIS all started- such a dork it hurts. But really the ESRI headquarters were very nice and it was kinda special in a nerdy/geographery way.
I did get some knitting done, but after looking at the ball of yarn sitting next to me I have decided that I don't have enough yardage to finish a second sock- I am okay with it all since I did get a good lesson in cabeling- my first attempt. I will have to go out and buy the specified yarn in the pattern... I am using the sock pattern from the Debbie Bliss Home book.
I could hardly wait for class to be over on Friday- we changed our flight to an earlier time and I was home by 6pm. I barely got in the door before I headed to the hospital where I got to meet my new niece. I am over the top in love with her. She is beautiful- I don't think I will be posting any pictures as it is up to the parents to do so... but maybe I will sneak in a few hand or foot pictures just because I can't resist.

I made a few meals yesterday to bring over to the new parents so that they wouldn't have to cook- always nice- and got to visit with them again at home this time instead of at the hospital. Baby and mom are doing well and dad cracked me up while I watched him wrestle with the portable crib assembly. Sassy the dog is just not sure about it all but has decided to take up a place nice and close to the new girl in the house.
Plain and simple, babies really are amazing.

and now, what you all have been waiting for...

I scanned in the photobooth shots from last week.
Here is one just to tide you over-
late but still fun.

Also, I just entered this photo
driving away
to JPG Mag. If you like it, give me a vote~
Oh, and I should urge you to make another vote for this lovely lady and her very cool photography an d inspiration, thanks Les~