October 26, 2005

Happy Nevada Day!

I love this time of year. I am not sure what it is, maybe it is the color of all the trees in town and up in the mountains, maybe it is because I can snuggle in with my man when it is cold- or maybe it is just because we get a three day weekend in order to celebrate Nevada Day! Yup, you read that right- we get a day off in order to commemorate the day our state was welcomed into the Union. (It is extra sweet because this means we get to have Halloween off sometimes too!)

I grew up in a little town (ten kids in my class) and every morning the entire school (all 60 of us) would tromp out to the flag pole and say the pledge and then sing a song. During the month of October we would sing the Nevada State song- I make my mom laugh so hard because I know all the words. I am going to have breakfast with her on Friday (the observed holiday) so I can't wait to knock on her door and sing her the song- I can't wait she is going to roll!

Gotta love the Silver State!

On a knitting note- I finished my "wavy gravy" scarf at the craft bazaar last Saturday. OMG that was the worlds WORST craft fair. Not because of the painted toilet seats, or the belly button brush (I am so not joking here) but because there was NOBODY THERE to even think about buying your art/craft. I sold one photograph- I was excited for that, but sad that it didn't go better. The City of Reno didn't organized any sort of advertisement so people didn't know about the darn event. Plus, there was a rather large craft fair at the events center in town on the same day. Live and learn!

I will post pictures tomorrow of the scarf and the start of the matching hat.

I think for my bestfriend's sister who is expecting in Feb. I will make the "bubby". I might also make a hat, but I thought it would be fun to try out a new pattern.

Happy Nevada- oh, and Halloween too!

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