April 14, 2007


movement, originally uploaded by NessieNoodle.

Sometimes it is good to keep moving... I think it is important to realize when something starts to take over, and at this point in time- the blog has. That said I am saying good bye. And moving on from the blog world. Back to pen and paper and face to face communication....

I love what blogging has done for me, dont get me wrong.
I have begun to write again, to take more photos than I have ever imagined, found the patience to sew and to knit.
The people that I have found out here (you all know who you are) are top notch. You all make me laugh and cry. I feel like I know you even though I have never heard your voice or given you a hug.
....this is the part that I love and that bothers me as well. You know how they say that we start to recognize tv sitcom characters as part of our reality? that freaks me out- it is all so virtual and strange and a little bit of how I feel about all of you (not that you guys freak me out, it is the idea that I am tied to you all in such a virtual way).
The NEED I have to check in with your blogs is stronger than the need I seem to have to check in with those people that live in the same town as me, those people that are my immediate support system. I am more apt to sit infront of the screen on a Friday night then call a girlfriend up to go catch a beer and a flick.... this is why I must say goodbye..... I think that I need to focus on what is happening off the screen.

Thank you all for your comments, your laughter and for sharing a bit of your world with me for the past few years...

I am going to continue to post on Flickr (however, this too has become all consuming and I question the amount of time I spend on that site as well...)
If you want to email me feel free (leave a comment if you don't have my addy) and if any of you wonderful bloggvillians are in the Biggest Little City make sure to let me know!

Good night moon~~~~~~

April 12, 2007

Clouds and Husband

Things I love this Thursday?

I love when the clouds look so big that you could eat them.
I love when the sky is so blue you could drink it.

Looking back

I love when my husband and I are on an adventure.
I love when all of these things happen at once, just as they are supposed to.

This is what I love....

big sky

edited to add:
oh and this quote is making me smile today...
"Shangri-La is in you mind, but your Buffalo is not." from an article that has my head spinning about words and language, communication and travel.

April 09, 2007

Were back...

from our trip to Mono/Inyo Counties (have you ever read Cadillac Desert?)
we put almost 1000 miles on the 4-runner,
took over 500 photos
needed a shower like you wouldn't believe when we got home.

It was a good trip... just me, the man and the dog.

photos from the trip are bing added out here

April 05, 2007

Pinwheel, pinwheel spinning around...

Does anyone else remeber that song from a show on Nickelodeon?
I feel like I am spinning right now- a little dizzy from the work week and prep for our trip. A little dizzy from teaching 4 classes in 3 days. A little dizzy just because that is how I am feeling lately.

I am looking forward to the therma-rest pad and the camp stove. Looking forward to the hiking boots and the tank tops. The the colors of the desert and the sand dunes...
to the magical energy that death valley holds.

pinwheel shadows
Taken last Sunday on April 1st while strolling around downtown with Urban Climber and Andy.

There were hundreds of pinwheels stuck in the grass outside the Pioneer Center. despite the shiny goodness of it all in person, this shadow shot is one of my favorites from the day.

The new camera came yesterday. A few things missing (wide angle lens, car charger, and extra battery, big tri-pod) according to "Tommy" the things are on their way. I had a sinking feeling that we just handed over a pile of cash and got hosed, but I am going to keep telling that feeling to hush and know that those goodies are on the way.

April 04, 2007

Anticipation & Waiting



April 03, 2007

The desert awaits

A big thanks for all the encouragement on my last post. And a HUGE over the top thank you to Pancakemama who has taken a bit of time to go through my Flickr stream and find her favorites. I thank you again and again for sorting through and givin' the support.
Dusk in Joshua Tree National Park

We are gearing up for a camp trip in the desert. Death Valley to be exact. It is looking to be warm one. Triple.digit.warm.

The house is getting cleaned, the camp gear organized, the car tuned up, and the cameras cleaned off... except for that new camera that we are waiting patiently to arrive on the door step. We ordered a Canon D30 this weekend and it is supposed to be in our hot little hands by Thursday. I am over the top excited about this new little gem. I have been hunting down photos tagged with Death Valley out on Flickr, look at the beauty that awaits us.