July 28, 2006


check it kids-

rain drops bigger than my head,
just down from the Space Needle elevator,
spotted the arcade where I was told the photobooth was.
Drug participants across the way
to stuff their wet selves into the booth
laughted so hard
could hardly wait for the photo to develop
more laughter
a booth experience well had

More Friday 'boothin'
and of course

July 27, 2006

TILT 7-27-06

This is one of my most favorite things in the world. I can't wear it anymore for fear that it will be completely ruined. I am thinking about turning it into a pillow or something, re-purposing it, ya know?
This is one of the few things that I have of my dad's.
He worked/ran/?owned? this restaurant - I am pretty sure the shirt is older than me - pre-Tahoe days. But then again I don't always have dates right when it comes to my pops- He wasn't around too long- but somehow he shows up in my dreams every now and then.
Vivid. Clear
Telling me things, reminding me of who I am and what I should do to be a strong and true person. That is when I believe in dreams the most.
For some reason this shirt evokes stories of swimming in the ocean with dolphins and other romantic things like sail boating and laying on the beach perfecting a tan... yup, that sounds like my dad, "excuse me its really nice to meet you, but you are standing in my sun."
I remember visiting him when he lived in the Bay Area. He was a bartender at a place called La Pinnata, a family restaurant that is no longer open, but was a strong hold in a neighborhood for many, many years as I understand. I remember hanging out before the place opened one afternoon and watching a bunch of teenagers drag out cardboard and their 'boombox" and break dance on the side walk- it was one of the coolest things I had ever seen. I remember learning how to swim in the pool in the back yard of the house, and I remember taking the bus over the Golden Gate Bridge to visit Aunt Migs, Natasha and Zoomy - going to the Exploritorium and eating Jellybelly candy from a tic-tac style box (remember when they used to sell them like that?)
My visits seemed to be so long- but my mother swears that I would only get to stay a week or so at a time. Time is irrelevant when you are 3 or 4 years old and an hour can seem like a minute or a life time- that is something I miss.

So I have this t-shirt.
It reminds me of him.
And I love it because of that.

Besides, isn't this one of the funkiest/fun graphics you have ever seen?

July 21, 2006

It was a HIT...

We had such a fabu time in SF for the Stitch'nPitch. We got to meet the SF Chicks With Sticks and see Mr. Bonds hit # 722 followed by two more homers.

way cool.
got a bit of knitting done- There was so much going on, beer to sip, dogs to eat, game to watch.
I think Kat wins the prize, since I started a lovely beer cozy with the
red heart
Red Heart
red heart
they provided to us in our lovely tote bags (along with needles and a pattern).
The girls and I had a really good day just wandering around the city. It was warm down there for the locals, but we were in heaven since it has been in the 100s on our side of the "hill".
Van Ness
We chatted and laughed and shared beers.
Then it was into the stadium. I felt like a little kid once we made it in- guess who hasn't been to a ball game in a very long time. I just love the excitement and energy that is happening when such a huge group of people get together for the same reason.DSC03210
Thanks to the owner of Noe Knits for snapping this shot for us! Sorry we didn't make it to the store, we wanted to get over the hill before all the nutty Tahoe visitors trapped us in hours of traffic!
Today we had breakfast at The Buena Vista and then packed up the car to head back over the hill. It was a short trip, but sometimes that is the best kind to make when you go to SF.

oh and just because it is FRIDAY- here is a photobooth treat- This one goes out to Becky just because of where it was taken-Eureka, CA mall -
Taya Boobie and Me
It dates way back to 1996- good god we were just babies. Taya and I are still extremely good friends and Boob (affectionately known as) I see around town every now and then. Look at my nose piercing (ahh I miss it, I think I should get it again) and my chub-chub face) hee hee

July 17, 2006

Two days and counting...

Way back in February or march I was over visiting Kat to see what she was up to and she had a picture with a link. And I had to respond. I gathered my local knitting pose and set out with plans of travel and excitement, of knitting and baseball, of the "city" and of joining in the fun.
I had 5 gals sign up with me originally, but I am down to just two. This is fine because it is easier to get a hotel room with just three people, to carpool with just three people- and since the two gals who are going also happen to be some of my most favorite beings inthewholeworld,
I am a-okay with having an adventure with them...
Look UP
I decided to get things organized when I got home from work tonight. I needed to get the tickets, first off. problem: I had no idea in the mess of my new house where I had placed the tickets- I probably looked for about 2 hours this evening, this hot and sweaty evening, for them. I was just about to give up when I spotted on more box that I hadn't looked in yet- HA! Found it-
and the angles sang, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh".

(by the way, Kat if you are reading this, I have 3 extra tickets if ya need them)
While I was digging I found a few things- other than what I was after- isn't that always how it goes?
a tee-shirt that was my dad's - from a resturaunt he used to run- I promise to share it one day soon.
a fabu photobooth shot, that I will have to share with you some day- it is a keeper kids
and finally
a cd or 4 that I had been looking for since we moved in (most important my autographed Dave Stringer CD that is good for keeping me mellow when I drive)

But enough about that, back to the main event...

The big questions is, what should I knit- must be simple, must be easy to follow while chatting, watching, cheering, sipping, scarfing, and laughing....
a hat
a sock
a "beverage" cozy

help me pick and I will send something ridiculously marvelous (or maybe just ridiculous) your direction--- deadline is Wed. Morning (I have to be able to gather supplies if need be)

oooh, almost forgot- I got me some finished objects--- see those needles can't be so jealous now... hat and sweater

baby sweater

July 15, 2006

Sweet swappin'

I got home from a bbq tonight to find a little package on my front stoop... Could hardly wait to open the package- I am InLoveWithThisFabric. So on over to Scarlet Tananger and say hello to a very talented lady!
Look how fun this is- I got not only a great little apron, vintage pattern, crazy retro print- but also an oven mitt and a cool little recipe book- I think Scarlet scanned in fabric and printed out the pages for the recipe cards. It is so friggin fun- I need to have a dinner party- now- Apron Swap goodies
Thanks so very much!
There will be a flickr gallery for all to see the creative work that went down with this swap- I am looking forward to seeing what everyone drempt up...
This is the apron I created for Kim... a little picnic inspired dish towel apron-
Apron Watermelon
Here is another dish towel apron that I finished last night for a wedding shower I am attending next weekend- I think it came out pretty cute~
Apron for wedding shower
Shower Apron details
I am off to play on the sewing machine....I feel as if my sewing skills need to be taken up a notch or two. I am no where near as handy on that darn machine as I would like to be...
My poor knitting needles are so sad and neglected- do you think they know that I am cheating?

July 14, 2006

Not quite photo booth...

So I haven't set up the scanner at the house yet- so you get the next best thing to a photo booth that I can muster. It is good I PROMISE... here see,

Is this picture only funny to me and the other that are participating in it's insanity? Do you SEE those mustaches? all but my husband's are fake. Do you SEE the horid suites that the boys are wearing? powder blue people, yellow people, purple people... good god they could be an add for the teletubbies or something. Maybe they are the teletubbies all grown up-
We are still trying to figure out whose hand is on my man's shoulder, it is the mystery hand. (he is the one in the blue, in the very front row)
so silly- I love my friends....

Happy Photobooth FRIDAY kids....
For some real photobooth action go visit these folks...
whole self

Today is the reveal for the Apron Swap...
I sent out my package yesterday- overnight, so I am hoping my swapee will get the package today (Just checked www.usps.com and it has been signed for by this lovely lady). I am a bit worried/intimidated about the swap. I hope that she likes the apron, and that it isn't to wonky for her. I really like the way it came out, but I am partial to having things not be perfect, and with a twist of quirky-ness....
Can't wait to get home tonight to see if a package is waiting for me on the door step. I will post late tonight or tomorrow to let you know about it.
Fun Fun...

July 13, 2006

T.I.L.T. And where I have been

I have been a little preoccupied this past week...

Ena at Tahoe
I got to meet "Kicky". She and her mom came to visit us from Minneapolis this past week.
It was so fun to have a baby in the house- as well as the crazy wonderful mom. Ena & Manda
We played and played.
We made weird faces and crazy noises.
We made awesome meals together.
We got avocado facials courtesy of Kicky
We drove to Lake Tahoe to get a"fix" of beauty that only Lake Tahoe can supply.
We had dinner at Garwoods and a quick toe dip in the lake.
Ena & Manda
These are two people I love, and I am dedicating T.I.L.T. to them today~
Ena Manda Ness

Other things I love
More love

July 06, 2006

Mural Chai Apron Booth

So remember a few weeks ago when I was telling you all about how much a dug this mural near the Starbucks down town? Well I happened to run into the artist as he was working on finishing the piece up. He told me he had a blog, so I decided to check it out... Here is a cool shot of the final project, check out the site, there are some other really sweet pieces he is working on... (hopefully he doesn't mind the linkage)
Speaking of Starbucks (like the segway?) I just realized today that I have been wasting my money. All this time I could have been purchasing the $1.77 Tazo Chia tea, instead of the nearly $4 chia latte that takes FOREVER to be made. I like the tazo Chia much better, I can add as much honey as I feel, and just a dash of milk to cut down on the calories- That darn Starbucks, I have them figures out though- Guess if I would just make my tea at home I would save that much more money, but sometimes a girl just has to get out of the office... ya know?

Apron progress...
I FINISHED the apron.
apron picnic
I am pretty darn proud of myself. I have had a ton of fun making the thing, and am feeling much more confident on the good old sewing machine.
Sewing Machine
I am purchases some new material and will be making another few aprons similar to this one (that a few other patterns on my list including this and maybe a few of these)
New Fabric
I have a wedding shower this month and think that a garden themed present complete with a garden apron would be perfect for the bride to be.

I am still not done with the baby sweater I have been working on. I am so close, I just need to pick it up again. I am almost finished with the second tomato hat for my yoga girlfriend who is about 4 weeks away from meeting her new baby.

I have to get the scanner out so I can post a few pictures of Seattle photobooth madness tomorrow.... but here is a teaser just in case...
Space Needle Photobooth
Do you see how wet we are? It started to just dump as we came down from the needle and into the arcade- made us laugh even harder... love it. (this shot was inspired by this talented gal)

July 05, 2006

Early love

I know it isn't Thursday yet- and here I am posting love- it actually feels more like Monday- but I just have to post 2 pictures of what I am totally in love with right now. ...
These were taken with my good old film camera, I think there is something to be said for film, it captures detail or light or maybe just nostalgia that the digital just doesn't-

Chocolate Lilly
Chocolate lilies found on the nature hike that is found at the top of the tram ride, Juneau, Alaska
The pair of us- Hubby and I love to hike and get out there to see it all, very interactive. Our feet have taken us to so many amazing places, Alaska, Mexico, Hawaii, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona... I love this man.
Here we are waiting for the shuttle into town, Hoonah, Alaska

We had a wild past few days- I had my ten year high school reunion, spent the day on the docks at Donner Lake, bbq-ed until I could bbq no more and got to see the fireworks while sitting in our new drive way- surrounded by friends that make our world go round.
I can't say enough how blessed we are- Hubby and I are exhausted but in such a wonderful way... Happy 4th of July everyone~

Edited to add:
I also got in a bit of crafty-ness this weekend. my apron for the swap is almost complete and I couldn't be happier with the project. I am not really a fabulous sewer, but the fact that I did this project free hand, with out my mom's help makes me pretty darn proud. I hope that the recipient of the apron likes it as much as me. I think it is the fabric, it is so stinkin' cute, in the best way. and now that I have completed one, I have some ideas on how to improve upon the design. (which may make it possible for me to keep this "prototype" and make a "really nice one" for the swap, wink wink.)
at lunch I ran over to Ben Franklin's for some more thread and found some really cute scrap fabric that I am going to use for other future aprons. I can hardly wait. I will post pictures tomorrow...