June 07, 2006

T.I.L.T. 6-8-06

Things I love this Thursday...
This is one of my favorite murals in town. It is just off of Virginia Street, and south of Stewart. If you are at the Starbucks where California ends at Virginia you will be looking right at it.. I think I love it because of the stencil, because o f the camera (I have this camera, it was my grandfathers) because of the scene it depicts. I love the yellow against the black and white... (EDITED: I was walking back from yoga this lunch hour and they were painting this- first thought, "they are covering it up, I am so glad I got my arse down there and took pic." I asked the guy on the ladder if they were painting over it? Nope, just touching it up- however, they are ridding the wall of the yellow- it is now blue back drop. I am interested to see what they add.. I will keep you all posted.)
It is political and poetic all at once- it is art. Capturing the landscape and those that fill it. Keep up the good work gang.







Ramona said...

That's an amazing mural.

Kathleen said...

very unique!

Stacie said...

cool! I love it too!

Jennifer said...

wow, I love it too. very, very cool

Lolly said...

I tried to comment the other day, but Blogger was acting up - so here I am again. Thanks for capturing the amazing mural for us. I think I like the yellow more than a blue background... but we'll have to wait and see!

Hope you are having a good weekend!

the kitchener bitch said...

Very cool mural. I love it!