June 06, 2006

blue blue blue

It is a new month, and a new color in Project Spectrum land... Some how, I have accidentally fallen in love with this month's color theme. Here are a few examples:

My hair

The Glitch
My Toyota Matrix (know as GLITCH)

random dinner settings

Fort Bragg, CA
a place in the world I adore, the northern CA coast

more shots from the coast...

leaves and sky
The sky


The Whole Self said...

the hair is total rockstar.

Jennifer said...

Blue is a fabulous color!

elizabeth said...

amazing hair and amazing views!

Jennifer said...

great photos, that northern CA coast is so gorgeous!

lovegreendog said...

nice gong! CA coast looks like a great place to explore - great photos!

Stacie said...

Love the blue hair Nessie! You rock!

Kathleen said...

AWEsome! hair!
is this a new look?
you are rawkin' the rocker look.

mmm hmmm. you are.