June 02, 2006

PBF, progress and pictures

silly scarf shot

Just a wacky shot for today.... (I gotta get back in the booth, this was the end of the reserves)
for an absolutely wonderful set go visit JesC on Flickr and of course, our fearless leader, Andrea. And if she is up for it today LeSophie (even if she doesn't rock the booth today, she has a kickin' blog)

And just because this was a knitting blog at one time, I thought I should update you on the progress of a few things.
Here is the finished Tomato Hat that I made for my cousin's new baby that is due this month some time.
baby tomato hat
How F-ing cute is this? I am going to make a few more for all the babies that are due this summer/fall. Way too cute. (Ann Norling Fruit hat pattern, Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino and another DB yarn I can't remember right now)
Edited to add- I guess I made blog lines news! , thanks to Sarah for brining this to my attention, purdy cool, huh?

And here is the progress on the baby sweater. I am hoping to have it done and in the mail before I leave for Alaska (WHAT?! ALASKA? What is that all about??? More later)
I would be further along, but realized that my original start was WAY off gauge so I frogged it and started over, on the right size needles- I am loving it. Been sneaking in time each morning to do a few rows while I sip my chai tea...
sweater progress

morning knitting
again, Debbie Bliss Cashmerino - pattern from the Last Minute Knitted gifts

and some pictures of the new house-
The entry/stairs to the bedrooms/loft take from the living/dining room (that is COVERED in purple and grey sponge paint- holy crap)
My new fabu and overly HUGE kitchen, look there is an island in there! I need an umbrella in my drink quick.
book ends
The cratins, like little book ends are enjoying the windowsills and the new view out front (see that tree? It is a Japanese maple, it is huge- and I know it will be awesome come this fall.)
keys to the world
most importantly, the keys- the previous owner gave us the keys on this key chain- there is globe on their people- it is meant to be (hubby and I are both geographers, our *worlds* are all about the world)

Have a great weekend- I have a 60th birthday/retirement party to pull off as well as teach yoga and hopefully relax.
wish me good weather and good bbq skillz...


Jennifer said...

Awesome new digs! That kitchen is just crazy big!

Gary said...

Congrats! Beautiful new home. Love the tomato hat.

Sarah said...

Hey! Did you see the new bloglines post (demonstrating their new search) that includes a search result of your hat?!
Check it out!

Becky said...

What a great house! Your little tomato turned out too cute. : )

lovegreendog said...

oh, i love the finished hat! what a sweet gift :)

lovegreendog said...

and you kicked photobooth ass in this picture! such playfulness!!

kat said...

the house looks great! I've been waiting for you to post pics.

the hat is super sweet too. reminds me of the ann norling fruit hats.

LeS said...

I'd get lost in there :) how great is that?!

Thanks for the props - I did get off my butt and photobooth today :)
and the tomato is fabulous.

There are so MANY reasons for an umbrella in your drink in this post!

Good weekend to you two big house owning people and good luck with the shindig.

Stacie said...

love the pad and the tomato hat is really cute! Have fun putting all your stuff away!

bbstewart said...

Beautiful house! As a cartographer, I can appreciate the keychain.

JessaLu said...

Love the new house - thanks for sharing the pics :o)

Your knitting is looking pretty cool - that tomato hat is the cutest! ;o)

andrea said...

I love this whole series of photobooth snaps of you...! yes, I'd like to see you climb into that booth several more times. I've no doubt the outcome would be fabulous.

(love all the other pics of the stuff going on in your life too-- especially that last one of your keys)... :)

Rachel said...

Wow, congrats on the new house AND your big moment in the Bloglines spotlight! That is very cool, and that hat is so, so cute. The curly yarn for the green part gives such a great effect.

You probably know that that LMKG sweater is a favorite staple of mine. Yours is coming out beautifully.

Lolly said...

The new house is just beautiful! What a great kitchen!

Very cute tomato hat too ;)

Stacie said...

you're a bizzy gal too! I'll check back soon for a new post!! I gotta post again one of these days too...