February 27, 2007


Red has shown her moon face again.
She makes us wait another cycle
find forgiveness in each day,
until we can fertilize the garden
that would bloom in the cool of December;
if the roots take hold.

red rocker
$11 for the vintage children's rocker (second rocker in 2 1/2 weeks. Something about filling the house with things for a child. Thinking it will be a way to remind my body that the chairs need to be filled with little person.
It is my way of creating a "vision board" like in the Secret.)

wide leg lounge pants
Wide Leg Lounge Pants, Amy Butler pattern from In Stitches. Modified length (to fit my hobbit legs)

February 26, 2007



paper whites

February 23, 2007

Photobooth Friday 2-23--07

It has been awhile...

First, thanks everyone for such sweet Valentine's Day wishes. We had a nice one and we are gearing up for hubby's birthday next week now that the day of love has come and gone.

I decided to take a week off from blogging because I am trying to simplify- I am also really needing to stop checking and updating blog/flickr all the friggin' time. It is one of the worst habits I have ever gotten into- can you all just stop being so interesting for me? (do you like how I pushed that over to being all of your faults?). I am trying to really evaluate where I spend my time, how I spend my time and with whom I spend my time.

Looking to just cut back a little in all areas so that I feel a little more grounded is all I really need.

We spent the long weekend lounging around the house together. We got our new GI-NORMOUS television (42 inches of hd insanity people- I try not to watch, but there it is...) and a dish, and a receiver, and a ton of speakers that are all over the living room. I sat most of the weekend and enjoyed the spectacle that is cable. We have been living cable free for the past 5 years. We would watch anything that would come through via the rabbit ears and lots of coaxing of the "12 inch wonder" (no not that "wonder" tee hee)...

BannanasForBreakfast I made pancakes and ate lots of soup all weekend. (hubby was sick and I was trying to not become that way.)
This photo is my ode to 3191, cuz I get up early too...

I worked on some knitting (skateycakes, that hat I was working on with you has been ripped and re-ripped and finally re-rolled into a neat little ball for another project-)I also finished two pairs of "wide-legged lounge pants". A pair of crazy red and flowers for me (I will try and get a picture this weekend, since I am living in them I am sure it won't be hard to do) The second pair was given (sans pictures) to a dear friend who is about 3 1/2 months "with child" and is quickly finding that she hates to wear elastic pants or the pregnant woman option- these were prefect.

I did make it to the booth last Thursday after yoga class- I used the $ I had found in the parking lot the week previous... It was good fun. there was a family waiting on the other side of the booth, two little girls cracking up at the faces I was making while sitting solo. I wish I could have got them to jump in there with me.Photobooth 2-23-07

I look forward to another weekend home- this time friends from Portland coming down to see us.Wish me luck in not sending our guest in to an allergy attack due to a rouge gluten ingredient (ack!)...
Happy Friday everyone... for more booth action head on over here.

February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

V & A Seattle

February 11, 2007


This weekend has been soggy, sloshy, wet and grey.
I couldn't be happier about it.
It has been raining since Friday.
Everything is damp, the pond in the back yard has grown and the ice in it has become a mini glacier.
I saw a double rainbow yesterday.
The dog got to play with a 1 year old and cracked me up the entire time, she also got to hang out with her favorite pit-bull/beagle and get muddy. (which means she got a bath too)
I got to visit with my mom and she made pesto (oh, the pesto).
I found a fabulous wee rocking chair at the thrift store along with some great
pillow cases,
knitting needles and
Several things on my list have been checked off.
I pulled the "Creativity" card today from my stack of Angel Cards.
I am eating french toast and my Mukkah made the best froth ever today.
I am in my favorite ORANGE (Cal-Trans style) sweatshirt.
The sun keeps playing peak-a-boo with the earth. micro world
Everything is soggy, sloshy, wet and grey (oh and maybe a bit greener too).

February 09, 2007

Release and non-photobooth friday

I don't have a booth picture to share. I did find $6 in the parking lot yesterday (all ones) on my way in to teach yoga though. I think that is a sign that I need to get my booty to the boothy this weekend. Maybe I can drag the Mama in with me? what say you lady? (I know you read this).

I didn't have anyone show up for class last night(again). But I did take a bit of time to do my own practice while I was there. It felt wonderful. As I was in a posture that I have a love/hate relationship with I felt something shift. I felt myself let go. I went deeper into it than I have ever let myself- actually folding forward over my legs instead of just holding on and sweating out the sensation. When I did this the tears came. They were unaccompanied by sobs, just tears. As my mind shifted into being okay to be in the posture, I too became okay with something that I have been holding on to- I have no idea what that something was, but it was there and I felt not only my body shift but my emotions and my mind- THIS IS WHY I PRACTICE I heard myself say to myself.
The tears were refreshing and wonderful. I totally just let myself be in it.

I have all sorts of good intentions for the weekend:
* re-arrange the bedroom, feng-shui it, if you will
* spend some good time in the craft room
* make a mix cd
* practice yoga (at home or at a studio)
* get to the booth
* sweep/mop/vacuum
* walk the dog
* get to the post office, or at least get things prepped to go to the PO on Monday
* take a nap in the sun
* go see a movie, alone (eat popcorn)
* go to the craft store for some supplies
* hang up the photos I got from JesC
* not get hung up with the fact that this list is probably too long to actually complete in 48 hours...
V Puerto Viarta airport"Waiting" PV Mexico- waiting for our stand by flight. Taken by Mr. Noodle prior to the Mr (actually we had just started dating at this point)

For some real photo booth love head on over to flickr (click)

February 08, 2007

Thursday Love

here we are, back to Thursday again. This week has been a bit of a roller coaster for me. I found myself at home sleeping most of the day on Monday- A bit of a mental holiday if you will. I needed some down and out time. A bit of time to sleep and snuggle with the dog. A bit of time to go sit on the couch with my mom and have some hot tea and talk and get my requisite hugs for the week.
On Tuesday I felt refreshed and ready to take on the world again. This weekend is promising to be filled with time in the craft room and some chores- which is okay because doing chores sometimes helps me re-group. I am also hoping for a bit of time in the yoga studio, as a student instead of a teacher. I have one more week of my Tues/Wed. classes and then a break. Which I think is much needed.

So what do I love this week? Hmmm, how bout some old pictures? but of something that makes me smile and dream?
Stone House Ranch 1
I love the way the sky in Reno looks when the clouds are just right around the mountains and the sun plays with the the color spectrum. I love the way the desert smells after a good rain. All that sage and ozone.
Belmont Sunset- Red
These pictures weren't taken in Reno, but in a small little town near Tonopah (click the word for more), NV -which is about halfway between Reno and Las Vegas.
At one point Belmont was the county seat for Nye County- there is still the jail house and a few really amazing buildings in the town along with the remnants of the mining days. It was a booming place at one point due to the mining industry. Today there are about 5 year round residents.
Wayne and the boys Working
There is a bed and breakfast, a bar called Dirty Dick's, a fantastic jewelry shop called Sticks and Stones, and a few characters that will make you smile and laugh.
Road From Punch Bowl
I head out to Belmont in the summer time with my mom for a week long class in painting(water color).
Belmont Sunset Pink
I love it. Being so far away from "everything" reminds me how small I am in the universe.
Potts Hot Springs-Cows
How many stars there are in the night sky, and just how good it feels to slow down because there is nothing to do but paint and take pictures and "see". (oh and maybe a little eating and drinking of good food too!)
These photos were taken with my much neglected film SLR. they are a bit grainy because of the transfer from film to digital format. It was also raining in a few of these shots, not to mention the fact that the light in the desert is intense- so all of that added to a really interesting color and feel.

February 04, 2007

Goings on

There is something fun happening over here.

Guess who I got to meet this weekend? Pancakemama herself. She was wonderful to chat with while knitting- the two and half hours that passed seemed like minutes. I should have chosen the tea instead of the Thai cafe though- I think I talked way more than I listened (sorry)... Thanks Ani, it was so wonderful to meet up with you.

I started a new sewing project this weekend as well.
I am working on some "Wide-legged lounge pants" from the Amy Butler book.

We got to spend some fabulous time with family Saturday night- To the UNR game we went (What a game). I got to hold the most beautiful baby for so long Fingers Crossedand then we headed to Blue Moon Pizza for more visiting. It feels so good to spend time with my SIL and their men.

Found out some news from one of my dearest friends. My lips are zipped however. despite my heart skipping a beat over it all.

busy week ahead...

February 02, 2007

Quite Through Tunnel

Quite Through Tunnel

I am currently in the process of developing a new thought process. Trying at each moment to be positive. To catch myself when my thoughts and my words come out in a negative manner, either about myself or about someone else. I have come to realize I have no real control over things- but I can make choices to help shape an out come. There is a subtle difference, and it has taken me a long time to sink into realizing what that difference is.

Tunnel to China Town

Part of this is a practice of ahisma- it is my yoga practice that I carry on throughout the day. I might not find myself in down dog or virabadrasan I each day, but I can start to make my record skip on positive words and thoughts.

So I am being quite through the tunnel of transformation- instead of screaming and honking as I walk through the darkness towards the new light. I look and see the white tiles along the walls of the tunnel and see that sometimes clean and shiny walls, and sometimes I see graffiti sprayed messages.
go with the flow
Neither one is better than the other, it is just nice to notice and see the sights as I go...

and because it is FRIDAY and since everyone else seems to be posting there "very firsts", and because I haven't hit the booth in awhile, AND because we are TRYING, yes TRYING to get the baby "mojo" flowing in this body of mine (there I said it)(yes, you read that right-can some of you beautiful, pregnant woman come over and rub my belly so that I can get a little o' the babe luck up in this joint?)
I give you this very wonderful, hyserical and classic photobooth strip of Andy and his 'rents at a most adorable age...
Photo Booth Friday...
now get on over to Hula's for some more action from the back section.
(I am so having a rap off right now with Angelaand that was just for her- name it girl, name it.)