February 11, 2007


This weekend has been soggy, sloshy, wet and grey.
I couldn't be happier about it.
It has been raining since Friday.
Everything is damp, the pond in the back yard has grown and the ice in it has become a mini glacier.
I saw a double rainbow yesterday.
The dog got to play with a 1 year old and cracked me up the entire time, she also got to hang out with her favorite pit-bull/beagle and get muddy. (which means she got a bath too)
I got to visit with my mom and she made pesto (oh, the pesto).
I found a fabulous wee rocking chair at the thrift store along with some great
pillow cases,
knitting needles and
Several things on my list have been checked off.
I pulled the "Creativity" card today from my stack of Angel Cards.
I am eating french toast and my Mukkah made the best froth ever today.
I am in my favorite ORANGE (Cal-Trans style) sweatshirt.
The sun keeps playing peak-a-boo with the earth. micro world
Everything is soggy, sloshy, wet and grey (oh and maybe a bit greener too).


Stacie said...

sounds like a very good day! I think I need an Americano now!

amanda button said...

a wonderful day! Double rainbows are pure magic........

Jecca said...

I love when Mother Nature gives us those soggy days as if giving us permission to just relax and breathe. And the double rainbow sounds perfect.

Sile Convery said...

itterWell it sounds to me as if you had the perfect last few days---dog gazing, pesto eating, scoring some great deals---I mean......And so about Tammy's suggestion that you take classes.........!

Ani said...

Love the photos! And I'm with you on this weather...keep it coming for at least a little while longer.

angela said...

the green is amazing! nice capture there!!

my aunt has those angel cards. i always pick up like 5 stuck together - and i tell you, they are always the same 5 (or almost)

Kathleen said...

cheers to green-ness!