February 09, 2007

Release and non-photobooth friday

I don't have a booth picture to share. I did find $6 in the parking lot yesterday (all ones) on my way in to teach yoga though. I think that is a sign that I need to get my booty to the boothy this weekend. Maybe I can drag the Mama in with me? what say you lady? (I know you read this).

I didn't have anyone show up for class last night(again). But I did take a bit of time to do my own practice while I was there. It felt wonderful. As I was in a posture that I have a love/hate relationship with I felt something shift. I felt myself let go. I went deeper into it than I have ever let myself- actually folding forward over my legs instead of just holding on and sweating out the sensation. When I did this the tears came. They were unaccompanied by sobs, just tears. As my mind shifted into being okay to be in the posture, I too became okay with something that I have been holding on to- I have no idea what that something was, but it was there and I felt not only my body shift but my emotions and my mind- THIS IS WHY I PRACTICE I heard myself say to myself.
The tears were refreshing and wonderful. I totally just let myself be in it.

I have all sorts of good intentions for the weekend:
* re-arrange the bedroom, feng-shui it, if you will
* spend some good time in the craft room
* make a mix cd
* practice yoga (at home or at a studio)
* get to the booth
* sweep/mop/vacuum
* walk the dog
* get to the post office, or at least get things prepped to go to the PO on Monday
* take a nap in the sun
* go see a movie, alone (eat popcorn)
* go to the craft store for some supplies
* hang up the photos I got from JesC
* not get hung up with the fact that this list is probably too long to actually complete in 48 hours...
V Puerto Viarta airport"Waiting" PV Mexico- waiting for our stand by flight. Taken by Mr. Noodle prior to the Mr (actually we had just started dating at this point)

For some real photo booth love head on over to flickr (click)


Ani said...

Am I the mama of whom you speak? Me, the officially most unphotogenic person in the universe? If so, I'd be game! Maybe late on Saturday afternoon (I'd have a kidlet in tow, but she would be a good prop!)?

Nessie Noodle said...

Ani! I was actually speaking of my mama, the Jo mama- HOWEVER!!! I would love to drag you and the kid to the booth- oh the fun to have a shortie in the booth (I almost started singing the SNL D in a Box tune, however that is much different and totally a tangent)!
There is a booth at Circus Circus (which is always an adventure) and there is one @ Meadowood near the Bully's entrance- YEAH SISTER... are you game?

Ani said...

Doh, I blush! Well, even though I wasn't the mama in question, we should definitely photobooth--if not this weekend, sometime in the not too distant future! Kidlet might be on stimulation overload to try the Circus but I'd be up for either one.

And that SNL skit cracks me up, ohmygoodness.

Jecca said...

congartulations. Yoga is actually on my to-do list for the weekend. I erally need to find that place where you wre. Figuratively and literally...

acumamakiki said...

cool photo of you nessie. and it's a sign that you posted this yoga pose, because i have such tight hips, sciatic pain and this is something more for me to work that out.

Stacie said...

I need to get back into the yoga action. I totally know what you are saying, and the release of emotions and tension are tops! PS, love the craft room pic!

angela said...

wow, the release sounds so amazing!
hope you got to a booth ;)