February 08, 2007

Thursday Love

here we are, back to Thursday again. This week has been a bit of a roller coaster for me. I found myself at home sleeping most of the day on Monday- A bit of a mental holiday if you will. I needed some down and out time. A bit of time to sleep and snuggle with the dog. A bit of time to go sit on the couch with my mom and have some hot tea and talk and get my requisite hugs for the week.
On Tuesday I felt refreshed and ready to take on the world again. This weekend is promising to be filled with time in the craft room and some chores- which is okay because doing chores sometimes helps me re-group. I am also hoping for a bit of time in the yoga studio, as a student instead of a teacher. I have one more week of my Tues/Wed. classes and then a break. Which I think is much needed.

So what do I love this week? Hmmm, how bout some old pictures? but of something that makes me smile and dream?
Stone House Ranch 1
I love the way the sky in Reno looks when the clouds are just right around the mountains and the sun plays with the the color spectrum. I love the way the desert smells after a good rain. All that sage and ozone.
Belmont Sunset- Red
These pictures weren't taken in Reno, but in a small little town near Tonopah (click the word for more), NV -which is about halfway between Reno and Las Vegas.
At one point Belmont was the county seat for Nye County- there is still the jail house and a few really amazing buildings in the town along with the remnants of the mining days. It was a booming place at one point due to the mining industry. Today there are about 5 year round residents.
Wayne and the boys Working
There is a bed and breakfast, a bar called Dirty Dick's, a fantastic jewelry shop called Sticks and Stones, and a few characters that will make you smile and laugh.
Road From Punch Bowl
I head out to Belmont in the summer time with my mom for a week long class in painting(water color).
Belmont Sunset Pink
I love it. Being so far away from "everything" reminds me how small I am in the universe.
Potts Hot Springs-Cows
How many stars there are in the night sky, and just how good it feels to slow down because there is nothing to do but paint and take pictures and "see". (oh and maybe a little eating and drinking of good food too!)
These photos were taken with my much neglected film SLR. they are a bit grainy because of the transfer from film to digital format. It was also raining in a few of these shots, not to mention the fact that the light in the desert is intense- so all of that added to a really interesting color and feel.


The Whole Self said...

dreamy post, vynessa!

thank you so much for all your kind thoughts and well wishes this week...they were much needed, and MUCH appreciated.


Ani said...

you know this post is after my heart...middle of nowhere nevada, oh yeah!

i'm ready to buy my plot of land and build lots of tiny tiny experimental houses!

angela said...

loved reading about these photos!