November 29, 2005

Clap your hands!

Hey! everyone click here (do it, go on, you'll like it)
This story is done by a son of one of the ProcrastiKnitter (my local SnB).
This is his second story on air-so it is really cool (at least I think so, I want a job on NPR!)
The story is about one very cool indie band- Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah-
Listen and enjoy...

November 28, 2005

Self portrait T (thursday...)

Self portrait
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Refelections in a turkey platter... with love.

A lot of turkey & wine. A little knitting

Had a great holiday weekend. I made Thanksgiving dinner:

My mom came over and joined Hubby and I for the yummy meal. Here we are afterwards relaxing and watching the fish tank on our couches. (self portrait, hence the silly look on our faces!)
We had a ton of food so I brought a plate across the street to one of the neighbors who I new was home and alone.

On Friday I went to a wonderful yoga class and this is what I saw when I stepped out of the studio.
I followed it all the way home. What a gorgeous site.

On Saturday Hubby and I picked up our friend MB and headed to Placerville in the "Glitch" . We met up with some other buddies and went wine tasting. What a blast. If you ever have the chance El Dorado/Amador County(CA) wineries are great.

Here are a few pictures from our trip. We were also really lucky because one of our friends grew up in Placerville and her family took us in like their own and fed us WAY too much good wine and food for our own good. What fun- thanks gang!~ it was a wonderful way to unwind for the weekend! They have a small vineyard and grow grapes for some of the local wineries. The neighbors had goats, so I took out the scrapes from dinner and fed them- got a few goofy shots in while I was at it.

Knitting: Got home Sunday and decided to just sit and knit. I finished up the canteen bag from Interweave and felted it. I am pretty happy with the overall result. Although one of the handles came untacked in the wash and I will have to re-connect it. And there was a lot of stopping and starting, picking up of stitches and that started to wear on me. But, hey- I am really good at picking up stitches now!
I used Knit Picks Wool of the Andes for this pattern. Prefelt picture:

Here is the post felt picture

And the winner is!

Guess what??? I just won the Blogs by Knitters raffle! (if you have a blog and you knit, you should join! It is a great way to get others reading your blog, and to read others too! There are some very talented people out there!)
How about those apples? I haven't won anything in such a long time... I can hardly wait to see what comes in the mail! Thanks again to Kimberly over at Me myself and I for getting this blog ring going , and for putting on a nice little contest...

Congrats to all you other gals too... Here is who else won a little something- go out and give a hello...

Three Bags Full
Athena Dreams

November 24, 2005

Pardon Turkey

Pardoned turkey is headed to Disneyland....

All I ever wanted
Had to get away
Meant to be spent alone"

We have SO much to be thankful for- our heath, our love, our friendships, our FAMILY, our house, our cars, our strenght our jobs, those that make us laugh and those that make us cry, our closet full of clothes and shoes, our refrig full of wonderful food, all of these things and more...

Thank you!
HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! Be safe- give lots of hugs and smile... if you are in line tomorrow, be nice to the cashier and your fellow shoppers (Although, tomorrow is BUY NOTHING DAY so you should really just hang out and KNIT with all that yarn you have in your stash, hee hee...)

Black market yarn

So remember how I said I was going to go yarn shopping yesterday???

I met TipWip (from here on known as Black Market Yarn Sister- or BMYS for short) for lunch we had great pizza and then needed to swing by the bank for some cash-ola. On the way to the bank one of my fillings fell out, but that is a whole other story....
We got some cash and then realized that we didn't have the driving directions to this yarn place. BMYS remembered the street name and vague driving directions, so we were off.

Finally, we stumbled upon the cul-de-sac and we pulled in. We remembered that KS said the house was at the end of the road, so we had three choices. It took some guts, but we finally started knocking on the doors- We went for the 'cutest' cleanest looking house. Hmm, no one home but the dogs. Next 'cutest-cleanest' looking house. Again, no answer... So there is one house left, it is ratty looking and run down. The curtains in the windows are torn and the grass is dead. There is a car in the drive way but we are scared to knock... This house just didn't look safe. So we called one of the other ProcrastiKnitters and she laughed her ass off at us... Just when she answered the phone, a woman emerged from the ratty house. And BMYS asks, "Are you the yarn lady?"
"Yes, are you here to buy yarn? Go ahead in."

So we looked at one another and headed up the walkway.

the house is dark, but when you turn the corner the only thing you see is YARN! It is like rabbits gone crazy.... It is all over the dining room- and then she points us towards the living room... There is more in there.. Then Yarn Ladies says, "oh, and there is more in the garage too."

WELL! BMYS just looks at me and we start to browse....
quite honestly neither one of us walk out of there with a load or anything- I think we were overwhelmed. Who wouldn't be???

I did get some cascade fixation (2 balls- I hear this is great for socks and that it is also discontinued), some bamboo needles and some addi turbos. The best part is, I didn't even break a $20!

I woke up this morning thinking, I gotta go back over there.
I have to get another fix....
It is bad.

November 22, 2005

Shhhhh... It's a secret.

A little hint at what will be in the box for the knitting-Chicks holiday swap. I will show the project in its entirety once I know that my swapee has received her giftee... I had so much fun doing this project. I will admit that my sewing machine had a lot more to do with this project then my knitting needles did- It has been a long time since I got the little devil out of hiding- last time I used him it was not a pretty site. There were knots and thread and tangles and needles and cursing and blood- But this weekend I had a long talk with the "brother" and we didn't even get in an argument- I am so proud that we have established peaceful means of cooperation and we may even become close friends once again.
I think that my grandfather was channeling thru me a bit while working on this bag- he was a fabulous sewer and maker of wonderful things... I thought of him the whole time doing this project- which makes it extra special.

Other project progress...
The Canteen Bag. I finally figured out the side panel and am making some headway on it. Now that I am a bit further around it is easier to keep going. The first few rows were a little clumsy because the front and back discs kept flopping around. Had some help at the SnB on Saturday- which, by the way, was really fun. We had a newbie knitter and a few seasoned pros- lots of good food and a great hostess- thanks K.S.!! Can't wait to gather again sometime soon....

I am hoping to make it over to a place called Deluxe Yarns tomorrow (Wed.) It is a shop out of a woman's house - I hear that her entire living room is a plethora of yarn, needles and notions. She is going out of business, so all her stuff is half off or something fabulous like that. I am hoping to score some Lamb's Pride bulky to make Cleaves . As well as some new needles (she has Addis on SALE for HALF OFF PEOPLE!!!).
T.B. and I are going over there after we get together for lunch at Blue Moon Pizza downtown (brand new spot and just as good as the first!)---oh boy,oh boy!
Pizza + yarn + one good friend = an afternoon worth getting excited about.

November 18, 2005

Weird and wack world of knitting

Check this out- especially if you are planning a wedding.... WOW
It is even more crazy/fun/bizarre as the GIANT PINK BUNNY-
that is some knitted dedication I tell you...

House warming tonight at TipWip's house... and SnB tomorrow at KS's house. Should be a nice weekend.
Pictures to come...

Put some work into my shrug this morning at 4:30am when I woke up and couldn't sleep anymore. Partly because of the kratins:

Suspect #1: Gertrude Marie- Blue Russian, 12 lbs, female.
Known to be a loud mouth and drooler.
Favorite pastimes: hanging out watching the goldfish swim by while sitting on the "off limits" leather sofa or attacking the printer while important documents are being produced...

Suspect # 2: Lester Lewis- Orange Tabby, 8 lbs, male.

Known to be a big time snuggler, and avid hunter of vermin.

Favorite pastimes: drinking out of the bathroom sink or toilet (ew!) and sitting on the keyboard while someone is trying to type.

Can be spotted on the bathroom heater vent when it is cold outside or on Hubby's lap.Mostly I was awake at 4:30am because I was having nutty dreams-

I can be such a CRACK-head sometimes- even without crazy dreams or kratins- I have too much on my mind (work, hubby, friends, class). Isn't that why I am doing yoga? ug.sigh.thhhhhppppp.

November 16, 2005

What's on your plate?

Oh- and guess why else I am in such a great mood? (no, it isn't the warm bowl of clam chowder from a can that I am eating for dinner tonight, silly)- it is the fact that I am HOME! And not a meeting- wooohooo. I could hardly think of what I wanted to do first. Do I...

A. knit?

B. blog?

C. Study?

D. Practice yoga

yeah, you guessed it B -blogging won..But a close second was D, I need to do a headstand right now I am so happy.

What's on your plate? Here is what is on mine (well, at least last night anyhow). Look what Hubby has started to do while I am off working, yoga-sizing and knitting.

Wanna know what is on there- yummy! Shrimp Alfredo with dill and mushrooms-

It is great, I have been coming home and dinner is made. I have the BEST - do you hear me B-E-S-T hubby ever.

But wait! There's more. It was our friend Keith's birthday last weekend so we did a little of this: to help him celebrate. But Hubby also did this! To help celebrateLadies and gentle men: The Birthday Log-

(yes, all by himself. I got home from class and the house smelled of chocolatey-citricy-spicy goodness) OH MY GOD it was really good. I tell you, he is on a roll- bu-dump-bump-ding! ;)

What have I been doing you ask... A little of this (for yoga I am keeping a journal of my practice)

And I this! Yes. Finally, some knitting in my life. Where hae you been? I just got the free issue of Interweave Knits in the mail and decided to start working on the felted canteen bag. I am using some of the Knit Picks WOTA and just need to get the flap and the straps done. (I really want the model's shoes, pants, hat, and coat in this picture!)

Okay, I feel better... all blogged up and ready to go knit (or study, but probably knit, or maybe go do that head stand that has been calling to me all day....)

Give me a minute....SPT

Originally uploaded by NessieNoodle.

Ak! It is wed. Already- Another SPT gone and went... Here it is.
Me in my favorite sweater- I feel happier when I am in this sweater- I think it is all the colors that does it. I have had a bad week, so I have been wearing it a lot lately. I took a ton of pictures Trying to get a good shot for this week (see previous post)- this is the only one where I am *kind of* smiling.
This picture is of me in my favorite sweatshirt- It has my high school name and colors on it (really 'brings me back' I make sure to wear it with my sweat pants from junior high track just to rough out the "look", they are, er I mean, were bright yellow)-
I wear it when I want to mope- So I have been wearing a lot if this combo lately too...

This is my WTF do you want face- do you like how I can make it when NOBODY else is home but the cats? hee hee...

November 14, 2005

Thanks Everyone

Thanks to everyone for their responses on the previous post- I think it must be something with the way the internet security settings are on individual computers- I can see the buttons at home, but not at work (yes, I am looking at work, it is bad bad bad ).
And the same true for a lot of other people's pictures on their blogs when I look at them on one computers I can see things, on others I can't.... I will have to do some more research.
If anyone out there knows what the culprits is behind this phenomenon let me know. Thanks again for everyone's responses.
not much knitting since I was in class all weekend. Did start a shrug and I am also working on a secret project... More on those later...

November 12, 2005

problems in bolg ville?

Can you readers out there let me know if you can see my pictures and what not on the page? I have been told that people are just seeing big red X's... any clues to why this is happening? Anyone, anyone, Bueler??

Get your Butt- on.

QUICK! Look to your right- I made buttons. Thanks to Becky! she rocks... If you need some basic info on how to make your own go to her blog, she did a great little tutorial for how to do this.
I also was messing around with pictures for the button and did this-

I used noodles as my sticks! How funny is that? I really love this picture. I think it is because of the shadow-plus yarn color came thru perfectly (Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino)

This has actually inspired me to try out some random ideas... I will post more later about that once they become more solid.

In other news...
I cast on this,

my so called scarf- but decided I wanted to make something else with the yarn (Rowan Polar, that has been discontinued- BOO!). I do however want to go back and do this stitch again because it turns out so pretty. I just don't like that the back isn't the same as the front. So I think I will either line the scarf or make something that doesn't need to have the WS seen.

SnB the other night was great. Although no one was in to letting me take their picture-It was lovely to see what all the gals are working on.. Mostly felted goods. A couple of bags and a hat to be felted are in progress. One scarf (not to be felted)- and then there was me, I was just casting on and basically making a swatch that I later frogged. I need some inspiration here people.
I think what I need to do is make a sweater.

I was glad to have yesterday off for Veteran's day- THANK A VET- I had time to be around the house and try to figure out what I want my next career move should be (I have a few pending offers out there- which is good)
I also went and did a bit of consumer/shopping therapy. I got this new hat- I want to try and create a pattern to knit it... (I am also wearing one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE sweaters that would be fun to try and recreate)

At least this weekend is my yoga training weekend for the month. I am hoping to get recharged with positive energy and strength. I am off to hang with Hubby who is feeling hopelessly ignored today. We are going to have brunch at the NMA and see the newest exhibit.

November 09, 2005


It is time to procrastiknit! Tonight is the gathering of knitters... I am excited because we haven't met in almost a month- I need my fix of talk and goofy-ness. Plus knitting with all the gals is so refreshing. Looks like tonight we will be meeting at Dreamers Coffee House downtown.. they have food, couches and decent lighting- hopefully we can snag the couches and settle in to our knittin'.

I am going to see if they mind me posting pics of them and of their current projects... more to come. I had to get that out, now back to work!

November 08, 2005


Originally uploaded by NessieNoodle.
One more SPT to make up for the past few weeks of missing it..
I will leave it up to you to decide how this one reflects who I am...

me, in a bag

me in a bag
Originally uploaded by NessieNoodle.
This is my Self Portrait Tuesday photo. This month's theme is exploration of self... I would say that what you carry around in your purse every day says a lot about who you are- Sometimes I only carry around the shiny ID case, sometimes the green clutch with the ID case inside and sometime my 9 1/2 stars FMB with all of the above plus some...

November 07, 2005

Are you a Pastafarian?

I totally love this site- The whole thing cracks me up to no end... and guess what? Someone has crocheted a likeness to the FSM!

November 06, 2005

Look at these & this & this

Look at how GORGEOUS these are!...
(Um I have a birthday coming up, hint hint... I don't think I would knit with them, just look at them. These are awesome- they tie three of my FAVORITE things together, knitting, yoga (namaste) & glass... )

Look how NUTTY this is! I think I need to make one just for giggles. (plus I am learning about anatomy in my yoga class and this would make a great gag gifty for my teach) hope she isn't reading this...

And finally, I found a cool new online mag that has some great patterns including this- I have really been wanting to try and do a wire knitted object.. This could be it!

November 05, 2005

Finished- with 5 minutes to spare...

Bubby is done and has been gifted! I think my version turned out too look more like a cat then a bear. I am really glad to be done- the yarn I used was SO hard to use and count rows with I was getting frustrated.

I think it came out pretty darn good...And mom to be thought so too! I also gave here the flower wash cloth and the purple and green fixie.
The shower was nice- mom to be got TONS of really adorable stuff including a tu-tu and socks that look like ballerina slippers! Fun. Lots of pink. She better hope the docs were right about it being a girl, or she's gonna have a little boy dressed like a swishy-la-la.

It was fun to see the T-town crowd, all the "aunties" from back in the day were there- they make me laugh with all the stories they tell about us girls. I can't imagine how weird it must be when your kids start having kids. It is strange enough that all of my friends are procreating right now!

November 04, 2005

I've been HIT! Meme Style

Wow- I feel so COOL- I have seen the MeMes floating around blogville, but wasn't sure if I would ever answer one... Thanks to Becky for the tag! (can someone please tell me what meme stands for?)

Here we goooo...
What is your all-time favorite yarn to knit with? Probably have to say the Andean Tressure from Knit Picks or Cashmerino by Debbie Bliss. Although I do love my wool (cascade) for felting!

Your favorite needles? I love my Clover Bamboo circs- that is about all I buy. I would like to gather more of the Addis but they are $$

The worst thing you've ever knit? hmmm, probably the attempted yoga bag from SnB Nation. It was only my second pattern and I thought I could master a lace stitch- as always, my ambitions get me into over my head- Here is a picture of the thing. I don't have the heart to frog it- I am thinking it would make a good beach bag, just cinch up the bottom and add an I-cord for a handle.. whatta-ya think?

Your most favorite knit pattern? I would have to say the hat I made for Kicky, or maybe the Fixie. Can I tell you what I WANT my favorite pattern to be? How 'bout the the mini sweater? I want it I want it now...

Best knit book or magazine? I am loving my Alterknits book and I also really like Weekend Knits and Knitted Gifts (both of which I don't own, but borrowed from the library and forgot to return so I now have a HUGE fee to pay, booo!) I also think we need to give props to all those great patterns found at

Your favorite knitblogs?
Needles on Fire (like her patterns and commentary, Xtreme Knitting (again for the patterns, and she uses her British jargin in her writing that I like) Knitfish (because her name is Vanessa too), Subway Knitter, PunkRawkPurl , umm there are just too many to list here... The two lady's I mentioned above (Becky and Whit). But I mostly just float from one blog to the next- and don't have one that I read all the time...
Your favorite knit-along? I haven't really done a knit along, unless you count my first knitting class when we all worked on our hats together. I was thinking about doing the Mary Poppin's Bag with Whit, but I fear that I am time challenged and it just won't happen (this is probably the reason behind not doing a knit along ever!)

Your favorite knitwear designer? I love to look at Debbie Bliss stuff, and I LOVE Glampyre too.

The knit item you wear/use the most? my fingerless gloves (which are eyed with suspicion or envy from those around me- I either get, those are really cute- can you make me a pair?, or do those really keep your hands warm?)

November 02, 2005

Don't you wish your Bubby was hot like me?

So I woke up determined this morning. I decided to go for it. I cast on the 24 stitches to my #5 circs (not what the pattern called for, but I figured it would all work out in the end...) and proceeded to divide up my stitches among the cord and the two needles and what do you know? I now have 11 rows of Bubby's body...

See! I knew I could do it. I just had to be patient with myself and my skills (this is a re-occuring them in my life lately). Who needs dpns? Not me!


Looky, looky, looky: Just have to do the arms and the legs... I can have this done by Saturday at 4pm for the baby shower~

November 01, 2005

Bubby is a no go-

I started to try to make "bubby". I need to get over my fear of the DPNs and learn how to use them. I am stuck on my circs and am having a hard time. The other option here is to learn the Magic Loop- which I want to do anyway- I tried several times this weekend and failed. It would help if I had a book or instructions I suppose, but I was trying to be smart and just do it.
Not much knitting this week. Maybe I will start a hat for Abbey's shower on Saturday tonight. Since I don't have any plans for the evening. I can probably work on it at the two night meetings I have going on Wed. And Thursday.
Not much else to report. I am in a much better mood then yesterday- I should have just crawled into a hole and hid.
No trick or treat-ers on our street (good thing because I would have had to pass out dental floss or something, no candy at our house).
Had fun visiting with Tiffy and Mikey this weekend. They are good and their house is so darn cool.. I love the view from the back deck. All the trees are gorgeous down there. Tiff is really excited, she just got a new job at the College of Ayurveda in Grass Valley, CA. I am hoping she can get me the inside scoop on the place since I would love to learn more about this. Ties in with the yogini in me.