November 28, 2005

A lot of turkey & wine. A little knitting

Had a great holiday weekend. I made Thanksgiving dinner:

My mom came over and joined Hubby and I for the yummy meal. Here we are afterwards relaxing and watching the fish tank on our couches. (self portrait, hence the silly look on our faces!)
We had a ton of food so I brought a plate across the street to one of the neighbors who I new was home and alone.

On Friday I went to a wonderful yoga class and this is what I saw when I stepped out of the studio.
I followed it all the way home. What a gorgeous site.

On Saturday Hubby and I picked up our friend MB and headed to Placerville in the "Glitch" . We met up with some other buddies and went wine tasting. What a blast. If you ever have the chance El Dorado/Amador County(CA) wineries are great.

Here are a few pictures from our trip. We were also really lucky because one of our friends grew up in Placerville and her family took us in like their own and fed us WAY too much good wine and food for our own good. What fun- thanks gang!~ it was a wonderful way to unwind for the weekend! They have a small vineyard and grow grapes for some of the local wineries. The neighbors had goats, so I took out the scrapes from dinner and fed them- got a few goofy shots in while I was at it.

Knitting: Got home Sunday and decided to just sit and knit. I finished up the canteen bag from Interweave and felted it. I am pretty happy with the overall result. Although one of the handles came untacked in the wash and I will have to re-connect it. And there was a lot of stopping and starting, picking up of stitches and that started to wear on me. But, hey- I am really good at picking up stitches now!
I used Knit Picks Wool of the Andes for this pattern. Prefelt picture:

Here is the post felt picture


Becky said...

I like your canteen bag. You did a great job. Your photos are great, too. I really enjoyed them.

Mandy said...

Love the bag! It looks like you all had a really great time!!