August 23, 2006

The socks have landed

I was just informed that the socks that I FINALLY finished have landed safe, sounds, and are already being loved and worn in their new home. My creation

The recipient? Ms. Nina Beana over at The Whole Self.
I wasn't sure what I was going to swap her back with, I loved the pin and the other goodies she put in the package for me so I wanted to make sure she had something special in return.
sockiddy sock socks
While waiting for the airplane (I flew on the Thursday when all the crap went down with the Euro airlines) to take me from lovely San Diego to home I had some extra time to knit. I finished these little puppies up in no time flat. I was actually sad that I hadn't stuck a few of my other projects in my carry on, good thing for this book.

There you have it, KNITTING content.

August 21, 2006

Flickr Swap

A few weeks ago I stumbled onto a photo out on Flickr with a note that said "Photo Swap". I was intrigued, clicked the link and stumbled into a really great swap.

I am totally inspired by what happens out on Flickr. And this little swap just makes the internet and all its goodness that much more tangeable. There is so much talent that I wouldn't get to see otherwise, so many pieces of the world, so many moments and stories that are shared (by the way, that last link will take you to another little swappage that is going on- it will be mine, oh yes, soonitwillbemine).

Here are the two photos that I sent out.
Window Shopping For An Idol
Joshua Tree National Park
I couldn't decided between random sightings or on a landscape/cloudscape- so my partner is getting both.

For some fabulous eye candy head on over to the Photo Swap group and see what is getting passed out around the world.

August 18, 2006

Photobooth San Diego

Found a photobooth in San Diego- I figured the mall (Horton Plaza- Gas Lamp District) was a good place to look. I still have yet to find a "real" booth, you know the kind that isn't digital?
This set cracks me up. I have the same look on my face in each frame. I look teriffied. I think I was totally nervous because I was right next to the food court and all the hip SoCal kids were out being mall rats... I had my backpack on and my silly name badge from the conference (you forget you are wearing those darn things, and then you head out to lunch and realize that there is a reason eveyone knows your name....)
San Diego solo
I think I am going to try to get my mom in the booth with me soon...
This weekend is Bachelorette party time... oye. We have a wave of weddings the next few months- here we goooooo.

Have a great weekend everbody!
for more photobooth fun check out these lovely people


August 17, 2006

Things I Love Thursday- 08-17-09

No words needed....

August 16, 2006


Home again, home again, jiggidy jig.
I made it through the week of conference chaos. Had a good time, learned me so good info... But was ready to come home. A week away from hubby and kratins will make a girl homesick.
I did get to see my sweet friend and college roommate Ms. K she is a doll and I had a grand time hanging out with her and her man- and I got to meet their house horse, er dog Olivia. Who is one of the sweetest muttlies you have ever met, despite her bark.
Here are a few photos to recap the week:
new shoe
new shoes for walking around the conference (these are my fav new kicks I might add and am finding a way to wear them just about every day of the week.
View out my of my hotel room... Not to shabby.
for relaxing before dinner and after dinner.
proof that I was at the conference... (the key note speaker at both the EdUC and the IUC were wonderful.... And well worth sitting around for)
a few random sticker tags that I spotted around the convention center.
tripple crown pub
The hang out near Ms. K' house. We went here twice during the week. My favorite part was that they have Slim Jim on the menu as a Side Order. That rocks.
pretzles and onion dip...mmmmgood
a sample from the menu, pretzels and onion dip- mmm goes good with beer.
ping pong champ
The ping-pong queen takes on her challenger! You better watch out.

Last weekend we headed out to the playa to escape the light pollution in order to spot some shooting stars. It was the peak of the meteor shower after all. We saw some good ones and got our share of playa dust while we were at it. Your should see them setting up for Burning Man... It is nuts. Glad to be out there when no one else is. It makes me happy.... Nothing like going home (no really, it used to be home- I lived in the itty bitty town next to the playa).

Have lots of stuff going on, including a few swaps 4 yoga classes that I will be teaching a week and work (blahhh work). I will post pictures soon.

Oh and by the way, I started a new group over on Flickr. It is called Fortune Teller. I was inspired a few months back by lovegreendog's photo of the fortune teller and took a few of my own shots while on vacation to Alaska. I found a few others who have an affinity to Fortune Tellers that you find at arcades and decided that we needed a group... So if you have any good shots, join us won't you?

Stay tuned for TILT and PBF I got some good ones yo.

August 03, 2006

not so photoboothy Friday

and, I am spent...
no more boothin' photos. Guess that just means I need to take some while in SD, no?
I do have something else to share though.
Nina from over a the Whole Self has(d?) a swap going. She sends you one of her loverly little pins and then you send her something anything in return... I am working on it... Might take me a few weeks especially since I will be out of town...
swap goodies
but isn't this cool?
swap goodies
I love getting mail. And have been wearing the pin on a regular basis. AND getting really wonderful compliments on it too.

This post brought to you by the letter Q... That wasn't part of the swap, it is just a random "IHAVETOHAVETHAT" purchase I made this spring...

Happy Friday everyone.

For some really photobooth action go check out Andrea and all of her links.

TILT 8-3-06

hot chocolate and whip guy

Especially when someone carries around a gi-normous back-pack full of the yummy goodness and has a holster with a can of whip ready for action.

gotta love it!

someone is sitting in a palapa sipping umbrella drinks right now from this idea.....

I am headed to San Diego for the week. I am going to join other nerds of geography at the ESRI International User's Conference.
It should be awesome and totally inspiring week. last time I attended I thought my mind would explode from so much information and inspiration- it was awesome.
Do I have any one from San Diego out there? I am looking to find a good yoga studio close to my hotel/Conference Center (gas lamp) and would love any heads up.
I also tracked down a few photobooth spots so I am hoping to make an appearance... We will see though.

I will probably be checking in periodically throughout next week, but it really depends on my connections and the like.

August 01, 2006

Reno is Artown

Reno is a quirky place.
Despite the jokes that are made about the area it really is quite a wonderful place to live. We are still the "Biggest Little City in the World". In the past few years (probably in the past decade actually) Reno has really tried to pull itself up by it's boot straps and become a destination- not just because of the gambling (actually as an alternative to the gambling since the Indian casinos have become all the rage on the other side of the hill), but because of the amazing outdoor activities it has to offer. Seriously people, there are some of the best hiking, fishing, camping, swimming, kayaking,skiing and other recreations in such close proximity it isn't even funny. They are also doing a ton of work down town to draw people out of the casinos and into the streets. They re-engineered the Truckee River in order to create a kayak park, and every year their is the White Water Rodeo that draws competitors from all over. There is also the Tour De Nez that has been a staple in the summer time for longer than I can remember.
The city is also going through a major face lift, many of the casinos are being converted into condominiums with retail on the first few floors. It is actually turning into a down town that you want to visit, not a place that you avoid. There are cool little shops, and good eats. The movie theater is a regular haunt for us on the weekends and the RTC has a bus that loops around town that you can ride for free.
One of the coolest things that Reno does in the summer time is the Reno is Artown. For the entire month of July there are artsy fartsy things going on just about every single night as well as throughout the day. Last night was the final evening of this celebration... So the girls and I headed out on the town for some 'culturing'.
We had dinner at a nice little infill development projects (we are all connected to the city/regional planning efforts by trade so this is the way we talk). A great little Italian place called La Famiglia. They offer SF style ambiance - good wine, good service and good food. After a few glasses of vino, and some eats we walked ourselves down to Wingfield to see DBR- for free. It was awesome.
Check out this guy's music, seriously different and really cool. Plus, he is HOT...

Goodbye until next year Artown...
Hello Hot August Nights and Street Vibrations (can someone get me my earplugs?)