August 16, 2006


Home again, home again, jiggidy jig.
I made it through the week of conference chaos. Had a good time, learned me so good info... But was ready to come home. A week away from hubby and kratins will make a girl homesick.
I did get to see my sweet friend and college roommate Ms. K she is a doll and I had a grand time hanging out with her and her man- and I got to meet their house horse, er dog Olivia. Who is one of the sweetest muttlies you have ever met, despite her bark.
Here are a few photos to recap the week:
new shoe
new shoes for walking around the conference (these are my fav new kicks I might add and am finding a way to wear them just about every day of the week.
View out my of my hotel room... Not to shabby.
for relaxing before dinner and after dinner.
proof that I was at the conference... (the key note speaker at both the EdUC and the IUC were wonderful.... And well worth sitting around for)
a few random sticker tags that I spotted around the convention center.
tripple crown pub
The hang out near Ms. K' house. We went here twice during the week. My favorite part was that they have Slim Jim on the menu as a Side Order. That rocks.
pretzles and onion dip...mmmmgood
a sample from the menu, pretzels and onion dip- mmm goes good with beer.
ping pong champ
The ping-pong queen takes on her challenger! You better watch out.

Last weekend we headed out to the playa to escape the light pollution in order to spot some shooting stars. It was the peak of the meteor shower after all. We saw some good ones and got our share of playa dust while we were at it. Your should see them setting up for Burning Man... It is nuts. Glad to be out there when no one else is. It makes me happy.... Nothing like going home (no really, it used to be home- I lived in the itty bitty town next to the playa).

Have lots of stuff going on, including a few swaps 4 yoga classes that I will be teaching a week and work (blahhh work). I will post pictures soon.

Oh and by the way, I started a new group over on Flickr. It is called Fortune Teller. I was inspired a few months back by lovegreendog's photo of the fortune teller and took a few of my own shots while on vacation to Alaska. I found a few others who have an affinity to Fortune Tellers that you find at arcades and decided that we needed a group... So if you have any good shots, join us won't you?

Stay tuned for TILT and PBF I got some good ones yo.


Beekeebear said...

To market, to market, to buy a fat pig.

What a lovely, comfy-looking hotel bed!

Becky said...

That bed shows just how I felt after two weeks away. I didn't leave my house for 3 days! Very cozy place to look at cloud pics.

Sounds like you are keeping very happily busy. When did you go to Alaska!

Stacie said...

I was just thinking about you today!! Welcome back to the Blogesphere..... SD looks like it was good, love the kicks! And yes, converse go with EVERYTHING! I went to Burning Man in 1996, and I am still finding playa dust on random junk!

lovegreendog said...

glad yoo're back!
i love the random sticker tags.
can't wait to see more :)

Rachel said...

I just read Cloud Atlas this summer too -- what do you think of it? (Maybe I would have liked it more if I'd read it in a cushy bed like that.)

Glad to hear you had a good conference and trip!

tammy said...

Hello lovely nessie! rockin the black chucks! you go girl. I have been wearing black chucks on mostly a daily basis for the past 20 years. ouch, I am old! ; )
my feet are flat, so a few years ago I had to get expensive orthotic inserts made. shhhh, just our secret, I am still rockin the chucks!
slim jim on a menu, love it! hysterical.

Bonnie said...

Love the view and the bed! It looks like the perfect place to knit and snack. Yum!

Anonymous said...

My sil was out at Black Rock at the same time. He and a buddy went out to look at the sky. He loves it. Knows every nook and cranny. Found the ruins of an old conistoga wagon.
Burning Man? At the hospital we just wait for the OD's. Kind of like Hot August Heart Attacks.
Barbara C. (Reno)

Barb said...

I love the chairs photo!