August 21, 2006

Flickr Swap

A few weeks ago I stumbled onto a photo out on Flickr with a note that said "Photo Swap". I was intrigued, clicked the link and stumbled into a really great swap.

I am totally inspired by what happens out on Flickr. And this little swap just makes the internet and all its goodness that much more tangeable. There is so much talent that I wouldn't get to see otherwise, so many pieces of the world, so many moments and stories that are shared (by the way, that last link will take you to another little swappage that is going on- it will be mine, oh yes, soonitwillbemine).

Here are the two photos that I sent out.
Window Shopping For An Idol
Joshua Tree National Park
I couldn't decided between random sightings or on a landscape/cloudscape- so my partner is getting both.

For some fabulous eye candy head on over to the Photo Swap group and see what is getting passed out around the world.


Jennifer said...

What an interesting idea!

Stacie said...

of course I had to clikc on every link! what beeeeuuutiful pictures! I love the way you see the world!!! Thanks for sharing!

lovegreendog said...

what a find!!!! love your photos :)

Barbara C. said...

Hmmm, Ness, looks like the road to Yerington.

LeS said...

Oh, so good to see this post!

I have been holding my tongue in anticipation of receiving my photos (and hearing from the person I sent to).

Your shots are beautiful! Wouldn't it have been funny if one of had gotten the other?