August 23, 2006

The socks have landed

I was just informed that the socks that I FINALLY finished have landed safe, sounds, and are already being loved and worn in their new home. My creation

The recipient? Ms. Nina Beana over at The Whole Self.
I wasn't sure what I was going to swap her back with, I loved the pin and the other goodies she put in the package for me so I wanted to make sure she had something special in return.
sockiddy sock socks
While waiting for the airplane (I flew on the Thursday when all the crap went down with the Euro airlines) to take me from lovely San Diego to home I had some extra time to knit. I finished these little puppies up in no time flat. I was actually sad that I hadn't stuck a few of my other projects in my carry on, good thing for this book.

There you have it, KNITTING content.


KnittyOtter said...

OMG. You knit!!! *L*


Just kidding. I'm being mean today. ;)

They are really cool looking socks. Lovely colors. :D

Lolly said...

Bonafide knitting content, right there! :)

They are very cool!

lovegreendog said...

those are some terrific socks!
what's the next knit project on your list?

Jennifer said...

Lovely socks!

sunshyne said...

Great socks! love those colors! I stopped by to thank you for the link to you left on Mommy Mosh Pit - SO helpful!!

LeS said...

Ha! I made my clapotis from this yarn!

These socks are so super cute. How many skeins did they take?

bekka said...

love these socks. what is the colorway/manufacturer?

Stacie said...

gittin knitty wit it! Love the socks, I might have to knit me a pair oneday! That is my very next project, after about 3 more pairs of Knucks! Thanks for the link too!

The Whole Self said...

I HEART MY STINKIN' SOCKS! i'm wearing them right now. tee hee. seriously. seriously! i love them.


Rachel said...

Love the sock photo collage. That ball of yarn really jumps off the screen at you.

Those socks make me look forward to handknit sock weather again.

acumamakiki said...

Love the photos and the yarn. Those socks look so cozy and would be perfect with a pair of clog style birks.

I'd love to try to knit sockies.....just haven't found a pattern I like. Any suggestions? It has to be easy, I'm not good.

Penny Karma said...

What great yarn! Well done!

Barb said...

I vow to learn how to knit eventually. Just to make socks. Striped ones.