September 06, 2006

Blog? What blog?

So I have taken a little vacation without much notice. I hadn't really planned on going post free for as long as I did. Let's just say things have been busy- busy as in:

  1. School just started, so my job is nuts and the last thing I want to do when I get home is get on the computer
  2. new furniture has arrived so I just want to sit on the couch and eat at the dining room table
  3. weddings and all the pre-wedding festivities
  4. crafting
  5. family, lots of family time lately
  6. I have been keeping a written journal and enjoying that for the past few days
  7. Birthdays and burning of fingers

Birthday Girls

Excuses aside, I have been extremely productive. Case in point:

Customized onesies for the new little niece on her way next month some time. As well as for the other fall babies that are headed into this beautiful world of ours. I am in love with the iron on magic and my head is spinning with future designs.


my personal favorite is this one-


Bibs. Check it- making amess has never been so cute. I have a few more on their way including one or two with banana and orange fabric and some strawberry fabric, oh and some oil cloth too (easy to clean up).



The other little obsession? Attempting to create my own stuffed toys. Inspired by the creativity over at Wee Wonderfuls as well as from the book, "The Gas We Pass". I decided an elephant would be my first attempt. Hubby suggested that I put a pipe cleaner in its trunk so that it is flexible, way cute. Now I just have to sew him up, add the eyes and a wee mouth and were good to go.



I have a ton to learn about sewing, but I am totally loving spending time in my craft room with the iron (did I just say I liked my iron? hmm, weird.) my sewing machine, all that colorful fabric and my new roll cutter and self healing mat- fabulous I tell you. I love the way my brain has to work, a little bit of engineering and a little bit of creativity.

I have a bit of thanks to give out:


The lovely and talented lady Ms. Button sent me a little goodie package in exchange for something that I am working on for here right now. Besides the really cool cuff that she sent to me, she also included a patch and a custom Button- Button. I am always so surprised by the talent and the generosity I find out in Blogville. Thanks Amanda, your swap pres is on its way soon.


I will try to post tomorrow and Friday, since those are two of my favorite posting days- what's not to love about TILT and PBF?


Stacie said...

busy busy! Glad yer back! Cute projects and I have raelly been enjoying Amanda's blog too!

Nessie Noodle said...

Isnt Amanda a hoot? She has a great skill of re-purposing things and is a fireball.
I am glad to be back- I missed everyone.

lovegreendog said...

hey you! love all of this crafting you've been doing, the iron ons are really sweet. super stuffies too, i like experimenting with free hand patterns - sounds like you've got quite the crafting area too, good for you :)

JessaLu said...

Welcome back! Looks like you've been pretty busy ;o)

Jennifer said...

Wow! You have been really busy! I love those bibs, especially the one with the ants on the tablecloth. Too cute!

acumamakiki said...

Blogging presents are the best aren't they?
I love the onesies and there's something about the end of summer that makes for less blogging,less everything which I think is good!

Barb said...

I love the pipecleaner idea! Is the elephant made from a sock? Super cute! I've been collecting old toy patterns lately, but I haven't made one yet. Maybe for Christmas...

Rachel said...

I love iron-on transfers for baby clothes! I like to customize them to the interests and quirks of the parents with silly things like "Future Alumni Relations Professional" or "I support a national health care program" or things like that. Yours are adorable!