August 03, 2006

TILT 8-3-06

hot chocolate and whip guy

Especially when someone carries around a gi-normous back-pack full of the yummy goodness and has a holster with a can of whip ready for action.

gotta love it!

someone is sitting in a palapa sipping umbrella drinks right now from this idea.....

I am headed to San Diego for the week. I am going to join other nerds of geography at the ESRI International User's Conference.
It should be awesome and totally inspiring week. last time I attended I thought my mind would explode from so much information and inspiration- it was awesome.
Do I have any one from San Diego out there? I am looking to find a good yoga studio close to my hotel/Conference Center (gas lamp) and would love any heads up.
I also tracked down a few photobooth spots so I am hoping to make an appearance... We will see though.

I will probably be checking in periodically throughout next week, but it really depends on my connections and the like.


Jennifer said...

Have a nice trip! San Diego is one of my favorite places.

Stacie said...

Ok, just the thought of coco sent me into a sweat! ;-) Have fun in San Diego, I lived there too! Didn't yoga at the time. Have fun and learn lots!

acumamakiki said...

Safe travels to San Diego!!

lovegreendog said...