September 03, 2005

He works hard for the money...

Okay, it is 9am on Saturday morning- and it is Labor Day weekend. WHERE IS MY HUBBY?? & why am I on the computer again. I will tell you why. Even in Reno, we are feeling the effects of Katrina. I am very proud to say that my man is helping to map the flood devastation in order to help in the relief efforts. His office is based out of Jackson, MS so they have been asked to assist. It feels good to know that he is helping--- so here I am. Posting.
After this I am headed to the Yoga Shack to exercise my demons... But first
Check out this SUPER cute baby hat --
It is for a new Lil Gnome! that is on the way
I am just about to put in the mail for my dear friends Amanda and Erin

( they are the ones all gussied up in their wedding duds. )


tammy said...

one of these days i will achieve the discipline to practice yoga. I really want to give it a go. had a lame experience once, and now after the injury to my arms... ugh!
love the gnome hat.

Nessie Noodle said...

ooh- I love YOGA~ check out a Yoga Flows class, it is really nice and not too much.
I love that hat too- I can't wait for them to receive it. Amanda calls my Hubby "Gnome" so it has multiple funnies to it...