November 16, 2005

Give me a minute....SPT

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Ak! It is wed. Already- Another SPT gone and went... Here it is.
Me in my favorite sweater- I feel happier when I am in this sweater- I think it is all the colors that does it. I have had a bad week, so I have been wearing it a lot lately. I took a ton of pictures Trying to get a good shot for this week (see previous post)- this is the only one where I am *kind of* smiling.
This picture is of me in my favorite sweatshirt- It has my high school name and colors on it (really 'brings me back' I make sure to wear it with my sweat pants from junior high track just to rough out the "look", they are, er I mean, were bright yellow)-
I wear it when I want to mope- So I have been wearing a lot if this combo lately too...

This is my WTF do you want face- do you like how I can make it when NOBODY else is home but the cats? hee hee...

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