November 24, 2005

Black market yarn

So remember how I said I was going to go yarn shopping yesterday???

I met TipWip (from here on known as Black Market Yarn Sister- or BMYS for short) for lunch we had great pizza and then needed to swing by the bank for some cash-ola. On the way to the bank one of my fillings fell out, but that is a whole other story....
We got some cash and then realized that we didn't have the driving directions to this yarn place. BMYS remembered the street name and vague driving directions, so we were off.

Finally, we stumbled upon the cul-de-sac and we pulled in. We remembered that KS said the house was at the end of the road, so we had three choices. It took some guts, but we finally started knocking on the doors- We went for the 'cutest' cleanest looking house. Hmm, no one home but the dogs. Next 'cutest-cleanest' looking house. Again, no answer... So there is one house left, it is ratty looking and run down. The curtains in the windows are torn and the grass is dead. There is a car in the drive way but we are scared to knock... This house just didn't look safe. So we called one of the other ProcrastiKnitters and she laughed her ass off at us... Just when she answered the phone, a woman emerged from the ratty house. And BMYS asks, "Are you the yarn lady?"
"Yes, are you here to buy yarn? Go ahead in."

So we looked at one another and headed up the walkway.

the house is dark, but when you turn the corner the only thing you see is YARN! It is like rabbits gone crazy.... It is all over the dining room- and then she points us towards the living room... There is more in there.. Then Yarn Ladies says, "oh, and there is more in the garage too."

WELL! BMYS just looks at me and we start to browse....
quite honestly neither one of us walk out of there with a load or anything- I think we were overwhelmed. Who wouldn't be???

I did get some cascade fixation (2 balls- I hear this is great for socks and that it is also discontinued), some bamboo needles and some addi turbos. The best part is, I didn't even break a $20!

I woke up this morning thinking, I gotta go back over there.
I have to get another fix....
It is bad.

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KniTaPaLooZa said...

Very cool... did you know that most LYS are started in someones home/garage? That sounds too cool.