November 22, 2005

Shhhhh... It's a secret.

A little hint at what will be in the box for the knitting-Chicks holiday swap. I will show the project in its entirety once I know that my swapee has received her giftee... I had so much fun doing this project. I will admit that my sewing machine had a lot more to do with this project then my knitting needles did- It has been a long time since I got the little devil out of hiding- last time I used him it was not a pretty site. There were knots and thread and tangles and needles and cursing and blood- But this weekend I had a long talk with the "brother" and we didn't even get in an argument- I am so proud that we have established peaceful means of cooperation and we may even become close friends once again.
I think that my grandfather was channeling thru me a bit while working on this bag- he was a fabulous sewer and maker of wonderful things... I thought of him the whole time doing this project- which makes it extra special.

Other project progress...
The Canteen Bag. I finally figured out the side panel and am making some headway on it. Now that I am a bit further around it is easier to keep going. The first few rows were a little clumsy because the front and back discs kept flopping around. Had some help at the SnB on Saturday- which, by the way, was really fun. We had a newbie knitter and a few seasoned pros- lots of good food and a great hostess- thanks K.S.!! Can't wait to gather again sometime soon....

I am hoping to make it over to a place called Deluxe Yarns tomorrow (Wed.) It is a shop out of a woman's house - I hear that her entire living room is a plethora of yarn, needles and notions. She is going out of business, so all her stuff is half off or something fabulous like that. I am hoping to score some Lamb's Pride bulky to make Cleaves . As well as some new needles (she has Addis on SALE for HALF OFF PEOPLE!!!).
T.B. and I are going over there after we get together for lunch at Blue Moon Pizza downtown (brand new spot and just as good as the first!)---oh boy,oh boy!
Pizza + yarn + one good friend = an afternoon worth getting excited about.


me myself and i said...

enjoy yarn shopping...sounds like some good deals!

Mandy said...

Have fun shopping!! I hope you get great deals!!