November 18, 2005

Weird and wack world of knitting

Check this out- especially if you are planning a wedding.... WOW
It is even more crazy/fun/bizarre as the GIANT PINK BUNNY-
that is some knitted dedication I tell you...

House warming tonight at TipWip's house... and SnB tomorrow at KS's house. Should be a nice weekend.
Pictures to come...

Put some work into my shrug this morning at 4:30am when I woke up and couldn't sleep anymore. Partly because of the kratins:

Suspect #1: Gertrude Marie- Blue Russian, 12 lbs, female.
Known to be a loud mouth and drooler.
Favorite pastimes: hanging out watching the goldfish swim by while sitting on the "off limits" leather sofa or attacking the printer while important documents are being produced...

Suspect # 2: Lester Lewis- Orange Tabby, 8 lbs, male.

Known to be a big time snuggler, and avid hunter of vermin.

Favorite pastimes: drinking out of the bathroom sink or toilet (ew!) and sitting on the keyboard while someone is trying to type.

Can be spotted on the bathroom heater vent when it is cold outside or on Hubby's lap.Mostly I was awake at 4:30am because I was having nutty dreams-

I can be such a CRACK-head sometimes- even without crazy dreams or kratins- I have too much on my mind (work, hubby, friends, class). Isn't that why I am doing yoga? ug.sigh.thhhhhppppp.


ericah64 said...

Those people are completely INSANE! ;-> Thx for the note on my blog. Nope, didn't hit any yarn shops. When I told my 4-y.o. that I had done some knitting, though, she said, "Oh, did they have yarn there?"

MysteryKnitter said...

I do not know about those people, but those cats are adorable! Sooooo pretty! *envies those pretty cats*