November 12, 2005

Get your Butt- on.

QUICK! Look to your right- I made buttons. Thanks to Becky! she rocks... If you need some basic info on how to make your own go to her blog, she did a great little tutorial for how to do this.
I also was messing around with pictures for the button and did this-

I used noodles as my sticks! How funny is that? I really love this picture. I think it is because of the shadow-plus yarn color came thru perfectly (Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino)

This has actually inspired me to try out some random ideas... I will post more later about that once they become more solid.

In other news...
I cast on this,

my so called scarf- but decided I wanted to make something else with the yarn (Rowan Polar, that has been discontinued- BOO!). I do however want to go back and do this stitch again because it turns out so pretty. I just don't like that the back isn't the same as the front. So I think I will either line the scarf or make something that doesn't need to have the WS seen.

SnB the other night was great. Although no one was in to letting me take their picture-It was lovely to see what all the gals are working on.. Mostly felted goods. A couple of bags and a hat to be felted are in progress. One scarf (not to be felted)- and then there was me, I was just casting on and basically making a swatch that I later frogged. I need some inspiration here people.
I think what I need to do is make a sweater.

I was glad to have yesterday off for Veteran's day- THANK A VET- I had time to be around the house and try to figure out what I want my next career move should be (I have a few pending offers out there- which is good)
I also went and did a bit of consumer/shopping therapy. I got this new hat- I want to try and create a pattern to knit it... (I am also wearing one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE sweaters that would be fun to try and recreate)

At least this weekend is my yoga training weekend for the month. I am hoping to get recharged with positive energy and strength. I am off to hang with Hubby who is feeling hopelessly ignored today. We are going to have brunch at the NMA and see the newest exhibit.


Mandy said...

I hope that your weekend goes better!! I can't see your button all I have is a big red x :( I do like your scarf I have been thinking about starting that one. Recharge with your yoga!!

Nessie Noodle said...

Are others not able to see my pictures and buttons? Can you let me know readers??? thanks~

Jenn said...

Can't see the button :(