November 09, 2005


It is time to procrastiknit! Tonight is the gathering of knitters... I am excited because we haven't met in almost a month- I need my fix of talk and goofy-ness. Plus knitting with all the gals is so refreshing. Looks like tonight we will be meeting at Dreamers Coffee House downtown.. they have food, couches and decent lighting- hopefully we can snag the couches and settle in to our knittin'.

I am going to see if they mind me posting pics of them and of their current projects... more to come. I had to get that out, now back to work!


Becky said...

Nessie, Just saw on Penny's blog comments that you'd like a button of your own. I can walk you through it if you have Photoshop.

Nessie Noodle said...

Yeah! would you? I would love it! cool.

Becky said...

I put a real basic, rough tutorial on my blog. Please ask any questions you need, I can answer them in the comment section or email. Hope it works!