June 01, 2006

patience kindness goodness

t.i.l.t. JUNE 1, 2006
FIRST: I would like to thank EVERYONE out there who has sent us their well wishes on the move! I really appreciate all the good thoughts coming our way- we are definitely excited (and a little lost in this new big house- yelling, lots of yelling "where are you?!")

It has been a pretty good change up so far- only a little problem with the water- the neighbor was trying to help when he say that our sprinklers were out of control the day before we moved in- so he wandered over and turned off the water. Only problem, he *turned off the water* and didn't tell us. So we were all weekend without water. On Tuesday I called the Water Authority to make a fuss about the fact that they didn't turn the water on when we asked- they said it was on- it must be on our property side- so I got the key out and marche around the house turning this valve and that (mind you I felt pretty important at that point) I finally got the water going again after a few failed attempts- viola! We have lift off- and flushing toilets! yippee...

So needless to say, have been preoccupied, but in a good way and with good things.

I felt like I needed to post- nothing craft here, I am just trying to unpack boxes and figure out where I am going to put things. We are also busy picking out colors for the walls- I think we got some good ones. My craft room/yoga room will have an awesome purple wall. I am prepping for my mom's big retirement party this weekend as well- Costco, here I come. It should be a fun day- I am so excited for her!

This all leads to the photo and to today's T.I.L.T. (things I love Thursday)

I am totally fascinated by the mystic right now. The idea that if you put a thought or an idea out in the universe it will come to you- at exactly the right time. It might be in a little different way then how you imagined it, but it will be there.
I am constantly amazed by people's kindness. Things just keep coming to us- good things, wonderful things- kindness is all around.
it blows my mind away and it makes me believe that there is a master plan- we just have to trust that it is there, we have to have the patience for it, we have to have the patience to see it when it is there.

Along these lines... Just got in touch with a long lost friend today- it is amazing to see her via photos, so many laughs so many good memories- so much silliness... She is going to have a baby with her long time sweet heart, now hubby this month. She looks amazing as a mom to be!

- I am overjoyed for them- looks like I have some more knitting to do!



LeS said...

Yay, Ness! Looks as if things are going 'swimmingly' for you and I am very excited for you guys (new wall colors - how fun!).

Thanks for taking the time to stop by even though things are so busy.

Jennifer said...

Congrats to your friend!

Your water story reminds me of the first night RM and I stayed in our first house. We moved in late December, right after Christmas, so it was cold. The morning after our first night, we were shocked to find both of our cats under the covers with us. At first we thought they were just spooked, until we realized we forgot to turn on the heater and it was 56 degrees in the house.

Becky said...

Your house sounds wonderful and I'm glad your move is a happy one. I know we will see many wonderful photos once you get moved in. :)

Liz said...

Funny water story, well, probably not so funny when it happened.... but huge congrats on the new house and all the cool stuff you're doing these days

andrea said...

yay for you and the (somewhat) smoothe move!

I have recently been in touch with a dear old friend from high school (how we found each other is quite an amazing little story but I won't go into that here)... anyway, isn't it the greatest to reconnect?

lovegreendog said...

word to live by :)