July 17, 2006

Two days and counting...

Way back in February or march I was over visiting Kat to see what she was up to and she had a picture with a link. And I had to respond. I gathered my local knitting pose and set out with plans of travel and excitement, of knitting and baseball, of the "city" and of joining in the fun.
I had 5 gals sign up with me originally, but I am down to just two. This is fine because it is easier to get a hotel room with just three people, to carpool with just three people- and since the two gals who are going also happen to be some of my most favorite beings inthewholeworld,
I am a-okay with having an adventure with them...
Look UP
I decided to get things organized when I got home from work tonight. I needed to get the tickets, first off. problem: I had no idea in the mess of my new house where I had placed the tickets- I probably looked for about 2 hours this evening, this hot and sweaty evening, for them. I was just about to give up when I spotted on more box that I hadn't looked in yet- HA! Found it-
and the angles sang, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh".

(by the way, Kat if you are reading this, I have 3 extra tickets if ya need them)
While I was digging I found a few things- other than what I was after- isn't that always how it goes?
a tee-shirt that was my dad's - from a resturaunt he used to run- I promise to share it one day soon.
a fabu photobooth shot, that I will have to share with you some day- it is a keeper kids
and finally
a cd or 4 that I had been looking for since we moved in (most important my autographed Dave Stringer CD that is good for keeping me mellow when I drive)

But enough about that, back to the main event...

The big questions is, what should I knit- must be simple, must be easy to follow while chatting, watching, cheering, sipping, scarfing, and laughing....
a hat
a sock
a "beverage" cozy

help me pick and I will send something ridiculously marvelous (or maybe just ridiculous) your direction--- deadline is Wed. Morning (I have to be able to gather supplies if need be)

oooh, almost forgot- I got me some finished objects--- see those needles can't be so jealous now... hat and sweater

baby sweater


JessaLu said...

Can't wait to see your other 'found' objects - and great FO's!

amanda button said...

That strawberrty hat makes me want to take another shot a knitting....i never got past the simple knit stitch! Every time i try to purl, i get a disasterous result!i think my attention span is too short for all the counting and sttch marking and all that madness! Finally i just gave up the notion of ever knitting anything other that a boring scarf or blankets! LOL! I am in awe of you talented knitters out there!
Your trip sounds so fun :)

KnitAbout said...

those are soooo cute. what is that painting? great work. I like your blog a lot.

Stacie said...

what is that big metal looking thingy?? Are those baby sweaters? What is the pattern? I have a friend's baby due and am looking for a cute sweater.,.. I love that hat too! I wanna go to stitch n pitch, I lvoe baseball and moved right when they were building the new stadium in SF. Have fun, will look for a pattern for ya...

Stacie said...

how about the cell phone cozy in the first s n b book. I bought some different colored cotton yarn at the Ben Franklin and made 5 or 6 of them. Soooper easy and a great gift for friends...??

Becky said...

I just made this sock yarn hat. It's very easy on size 6 needles, but the stripes keep it interesting.

Then there's a water bottle carrier, a belt and a hat made of hemp yarn at this site: http://www.lanaknits.com/freepatterns.htm

Sounds like a fun trip!

kat said...

black & orange beer cozies all the way

lovegreendog said...

have fun with this! i woulda said scarf, what did you decide on?

Rachel said...

Sounds like a fun adventure? Perhaps I am dense, but what's the middle picture of?