July 21, 2006

It was a HIT...

We had such a fabu time in SF for the Stitch'nPitch. We got to meet the SF Chicks With Sticks and see Mr. Bonds hit # 722 followed by two more homers.

way cool.
got a bit of knitting done- There was so much going on, beer to sip, dogs to eat, game to watch.
I think Kat wins the prize, since I started a lovely beer cozy with the
red heart
Red Heart
red heart
they provided to us in our lovely tote bags (along with needles and a pattern).
The girls and I had a really good day just wandering around the city. It was warm down there for the locals, but we were in heaven since it has been in the 100s on our side of the "hill".
Van Ness
We chatted and laughed and shared beers.
Then it was into the stadium. I felt like a little kid once we made it in- guess who hasn't been to a ball game in a very long time. I just love the excitement and energy that is happening when such a huge group of people get together for the same reason.DSC03210
Thanks to the owner of Noe Knits for snapping this shot for us! Sorry we didn't make it to the store, we wanted to get over the hill before all the nutty Tahoe visitors trapped us in hours of traffic!
Today we had breakfast at The Buena Vista and then packed up the car to head back over the hill. It was a short trip, but sometimes that is the best kind to make when you go to SF.

oh and just because it is FRIDAY- here is a photobooth treat- This one goes out to Becky just because of where it was taken-Eureka, CA mall -
Taya Boobie and Me
It dates way back to 1996- good god we were just babies. Taya and I are still extremely good friends and Boob (affectionately known as) I see around town every now and then. Look at my nose piercing (ahh I miss it, I think I should get it again) and my chub-chub face) hee hee


Becky said...

Ah, too cute Nessie! That photobooth is no longer in the mall. How cool that you were here. :)

Your ballgame looks like a super fun event. And you'll need those earmuffs over there where you live!

acumamakiki said...

What a fun post! I spent much of my youth in Reno and Fallon and lived in SF for 10 years so this post brought me back, esp. seeing the ball park and also,the Buena Vista.
Thank you for visiting my blog, I'll definitely be back!

andrea said...

well, I was all ready to comment on how fun your trip looked and then I get to the part at the bottom with the photobooth snap...! even better!

anyway-- it DOES look like you had a fab time. yay for you! and I'm luuurving the PB pic too (natch)... nothing reveals more about personal history than PB pics... XO

Jennifer said...

How fun! Baseball games are so much fun, and while knitting? Heaven.

lovegreendog said...

super! love your photos, i've never been to a game - looks like so many people! i bet the energy is fantastic....

you photobooth pic. is so cute, i love the "pile in" kind :)

Stacie said...

Looks like such fun!! I LOVE the tote bag!!!!! And the two fisted beer shot, well, I can relate! That's why ya gots two hands, missy! And the pic on Van Ness, well, there is just something about the way the sun shines in SF... it's special!

Rachel said...

That sounds like an awesome trip! Love the tote bags in the Giants' colors.

LeS said...

Looks like it was a great day! It got hotter - it was pushing 100 in Marin yesterday (more today). That kooky global warming...

Great photobooth shot - I long for my old collection that I think really is gone forever.

Keep cool over the 'hill' :)

Mandy said...

It looks like you gys had so much fun!! I haven't been to a ball game in years!! What a cute photobooth picture ahhh to be young again. Your FO's looks so good I love the little hat! Very cute!

kate said...

i've been reading about this on so many blogs, and i seethe a bit with jealousy. it looks like a good time was had!