July 05, 2006

Early love

I know it isn't Thursday yet- and here I am posting love- it actually feels more like Monday- but I just have to post 2 pictures of what I am totally in love with right now. ...
These were taken with my good old film camera, I think there is something to be said for film, it captures detail or light or maybe just nostalgia that the digital just doesn't-

Chocolate Lilly
Chocolate lilies found on the nature hike that is found at the top of the tram ride, Juneau, Alaska
The pair of us- Hubby and I love to hike and get out there to see it all, very interactive. Our feet have taken us to so many amazing places, Alaska, Mexico, Hawaii, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona... I love this man.
Here we are waiting for the shuttle into town, Hoonah, Alaska

We had a wild past few days- I had my ten year high school reunion, spent the day on the docks at Donner Lake, bbq-ed until I could bbq no more and got to see the fireworks while sitting in our new drive way- surrounded by friends that make our world go round.
I can't say enough how blessed we are- Hubby and I are exhausted but in such a wonderful way... Happy 4th of July everyone~

Edited to add:
I also got in a bit of crafty-ness this weekend. my apron for the swap is almost complete and I couldn't be happier with the project. I am not really a fabulous sewer, but the fact that I did this project free hand, with out my mom's help makes me pretty darn proud. I hope that the recipient of the apron likes it as much as me. I think it is the fabric, it is so stinkin' cute, in the best way. and now that I have completed one, I have some ideas on how to improve upon the design. (which may make it possible for me to keep this "prototype" and make a "really nice one" for the swap, wink wink.)
at lunch I ran over to Ben Franklin's for some more thread and found some really cute scrap fabric that I am going to use for other future aprons. I can hardly wait. I will post pictures tomorrow...


JessaLu said...

Glad you had a good 4th! Great pics :o)

Stacie said...

Amen sistah! Great post and yummy chocolate lillies!

Jennifer said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your fourth!

lovegreendog said...

sounds like good times :)
glad you are enjoying the sewing - oh do you hear that? i think it's minimoopie calling your name!