October 28, 2005

Hat, scarf and other things....

As promised pictures of the finished my wavy gravy scarf and hat (SnB Nation Book) and a hat to match (pattern is a conglomerate of other patterns). Last night was the first time in a few weeks I didn't have something going on after work. I just got to sit on the couch and knit- and then make a yummy risotto dinner for hubby. I miss getting to cook all the time! So that felt really good to do. (you can see my nice new kitchen in the picture below, it is almost the 1 year anniversary of our remodel!)

Here is a picture of me in the duo (nice self portrait, huh?). Here are a few of the detail- so you can see the pretty light brown and pink yarn that I used.
(okay, I got this yarn at Target, in the dollar bin- it was SO soft I couldn't pass it up!). I am having a great day off. I had breakfast with my mom this morning and have been studying for yoga class since around 10:30. I feel like I am catching a cold- ak- so I am extra glad to have the day to just be mellow and be around the house. It is cold- there is snow up on Mount Rose after yesterday's storm... it is upon us. wouldn't be Halloween if there wasn't snow. Andy and I are headed to Nevada City to see our dear friends Tiffers and Mikey tomorrow. (this picture is from when I saw them last at the BWII. This is our anual camp trip out to the Black Rock Desert... a going home for me (yes, I grew up in GERLACH. Yes, I have gone to Burning Man, no I am not sure if I like it. Yes, I DID work at BRUNOS! the resturaunt and the motel thank you. Yes, I know, I know...but I wouldn't give it all back in a MILLION years...), I am excited to see them! NV City has the best little shops and silly things going on, plus a great yarn shop called Fibers. (YES!) I am off to continue my studying and reading for class... check out my yoga blog if you are interested in what is happening there.... Have a great weekend!

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Jenn said...

the hat and scarf are cute!