October 07, 2005

ChIPing in to Fight Diabetes

This weekend I will be participating in the "Walk to Cure Diabetes".
It is a great cause- and one that I feel is important since 2 of my close friends are living with Type 1 Diabetes.
Here is a bit of story about my team:
ChIPs take on Diabetes
I have been hanging out with a group of wonderful woman for about 1 1/2 years now. We are all about the same age and found each other via work-
We are all land use planners in one way or another (hence our groups name The ChIPs or Chicks In Planning).
Our friendships have grown from just small lunch gatherings to mingle and network with one another into full scale weekend get always for wine tasting tours and camping trips. We have had many wild and silly adventures- and I am confident that we are set to be friends for a very long time.
The ChIPs have helped each other find new jobs, and understand the "planner shop talk" when we need to vent about work. We keep each other laugh when we want to cry-

Last month one of the ChIPs emailed us all to tell say that she had just been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes... This was a shock and we all started to think of ways we could support her in this situation- That is when we found out that the Walk for a Cure was coming up in October.
The ChIPs moved into action-We decided that we needed to take or gang to the next level and participate in a cause-
We have already raised almost $1000 between the 6 of us.

So, a walking we will go this weekend to help find a cure this weekend! Feels great to be a part of something so important. If you would like to support our team please click !here! Your donation would be greatly appreciated-

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