October 13, 2006

Photo Booth Friday... Say ahhhh addition

RedlandsBooth say ahhhh

I have been at the doc's a ton these past few weeks, so I suppose this photo is appropriate. I was supposed to have to go in for surgery today (gasp, on Friday the 13th) however, my little body did a good job at healing itself and I am free to come to work. I couldn't be more happy to have to go in to work today. Anything to not have to be put under....
FYI- I am well, just a little "Glitch in the Matrix" you might say.

This weekend holds some very exciting things.
We are headed down (or rather up and over the hill) for a visit with this dear friend and her man- I haven't seen her since the Fourth of July!
We are going to pick one of these little ones to be our new housemate
Mini Schnauzer Puppies
(They are mini schnauzers, cute huh?)

and lastly, we are going to Ikea in search of the perfect bookshelves and maybe some night stands too.

Mostly, what I am excited about is I get to do all this with my man and that makes me smile :)
All dressed up

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Stacie said...

sounds like a fun weekend! Cute puppies!!!! Awwwww, and sweet photo of your man and you! Have fun, and congrats on the body healing itself. My hubby always says, "my body, it heals itself". He never gets sick, but attributes this fact to smoking so much that no germs will live in him! YIKES!

ecm said...

I just bought Ikea bookshelves...I can recommend the billy...although I had a small fiasco putting them together. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Super cute puppies!

JessaLu said...

Glad to hear you didn't have to have surgery - hope you have a great weekend! :o)

acumamakiki said...

Nice photos, both of em'. I love your mini baby and even better, hypoallergenic! Have a great weekend.

Becky said...

Good news about no surgery. It sounds like some fun is waiting for you.

Rachel said...

Puppies! What fun! I hope it was as great a weekend as you expected.

The Whole Self said...

1. great photobooth pic- a a a a h!

2. love the pic of your and your man- you guys look so wonderfully haphaphappy.

and 3. love the colors in the photo of your friend- gorgeous!

hope you're doing well