October 17, 2006

Got Yarn? Get to Given'!

If you have any extra yarn or knitting supplies that you would like to contribute them to a good cause (we are talking kids knitting here) go check out Major Knitter .
Noodle Knitting
Hurry, the deadline is Saturday. And she is having a contest too I believe.


Pictures of our crazy busy, but wonderful weekend to come- I have photos of the wonderful changing landscape over Donner Summit and of the new puppy- her official name is Cloverdale Pesto- but we call her Cloe for short. She is a total smile maker and I can hardly stand coming into work- to bad I can't bring her with me to sit on my feets while I play with data all day long.


Busy week this week-
Teaching yoga tonight for the School District's Community Education program and sub for someone on Thursday over at Yoga Loka. Interviewed yesterday with a new yoga studio and looks like I will add at least one more class a week to my teaching schedule. I am looking forward to it. I might add an early morning class later on in Decemeber. So exciting to be teaching- and breathing... ahhh.

more to come. more to come

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Stacie said...

cute lil' pup! hey, can ya come and teach a yoga class in my town? I wish!!