October 01, 2006

Delayed booth and vote

So glad to be home home home.

Here is a little something that I finished up last week before I took off:
polka dot elephant- front
I have made 3 of these, and have gotten nothing but rave reviews. This one will be on it's way to her new owner sometime next week.
polka dot elephant- back

Last weekend was beautiful in Phoeniz, AZ and perfect for a wedding. Hubby's sister got married and it couldn't have been a sweeter afternoon. The words and the people were all beautiful. Congrats you two! We love you and hope you are having a ball on your honeymoon.
I failed to take my camera with me to the ceremony- things got a little hectic and we had to rush to get over to the party.
I did get a picture of our new friend how ever...
new friend
isn't he/she sweet? ack! The people at the hotel tried to tell me that it wasn't a roach... um okay.
And a nice shot of my man at the rehersal dinner...

On Sunday I was off to Redlands, CA for a weeks worth of training. I was dreading the whole thing, but in the end I walked away feeling pretty good about the knowledge I had prior and all the new knowledge I have now- excellent instructors. Plus, I was in the GIS motherland- where GIS all started- such a dork it hurts. But really the ESRI headquarters were very nice and it was kinda special in a nerdy/geographery way.
I did get some knitting done, but after looking at the ball of yarn sitting next to me I have decided that I don't have enough yardage to finish a second sock- I am okay with it all since I did get a good lesson in cabeling- my first attempt. I will have to go out and buy the specified yarn in the pattern... I am using the sock pattern from the Debbie Bliss Home book.
I could hardly wait for class to be over on Friday- we changed our flight to an earlier time and I was home by 6pm. I barely got in the door before I headed to the hospital where I got to meet my new niece. I am over the top in love with her. She is beautiful- I don't think I will be posting any pictures as it is up to the parents to do so... but maybe I will sneak in a few hand or foot pictures just because I can't resist.

I made a few meals yesterday to bring over to the new parents so that they wouldn't have to cook- always nice- and got to visit with them again at home this time instead of at the hospital. Baby and mom are doing well and dad cracked me up while I watched him wrestle with the portable crib assembly. Sassy the dog is just not sure about it all but has decided to take up a place nice and close to the new girl in the house.
Plain and simple, babies really are amazing.

and now, what you all have been waiting for...

I scanned in the photobooth shots from last week.
Here is one just to tide you over-
late but still fun.

Also, I just entered this photo
driving away
to JPG Mag. If you like it, give me a vote~
Oh, and I should urge you to make another vote for this lovely lady and her very cool photography an d inspiration, thanks Les~


Rachel said...

Ew, nasty roach! I hope the hotel people gave you some kind of compensation for having to encounter such grossness.

lovegreendog said...

super cute elephant! great crafting going on there.

love the photobooth pic. the entry for jpg got my vote :)

Anonymous said...

It's a cricket. Sometimes they get in my house here in Reno. Once we stayed in a motel in the Mojove Desert and our rooms were infested with them!

LeS said...

You've been soooo busy :).
Babies, work trips, weddings, knitting, photobooths, cockroaches, elephants and JPG...
I need a nap just reading this :)
(and you totally get my JPG vote - did you read about it at my place? That picture is fabulous!)

Becky said...

Cool photo. Thanks for the link to the site. Great elephant buddy.

JessaLu said...

That is most definitely a roach - I say email it to their corporate office ;o) (and, EW!)

Nice elephant, cute man and congrats to the SIL :o)

I hope I didn't forget anything...oh good luck with the photo contest :o)

Stacie said...

those photos are awesome! I voted, you rule, and I know you know how much I love looking at the world thru your lens! Cute elephant, and congrats Aunit Nessie!!

Magatha said...

Yes, that is a good old Valley of the Sun sewer roach as we called them. I am from that part of the desert and am very familiar with them. Hotel in Denial. Everyone who has a lawyer or money to lose denies the very noses on their faces. ;-)
I love your cracked earth photo. Is that Death Valley?

Anonymous said...

You may be right. I may be wrong. Crickets have more grasshopper looking legs!