September 29, 2006

PhotoBooth Friday

I hunted down a photobooth here in good ol' Redlands, CA. never underestimate the power of the American mall.
I have no access to a scanner right now, but I will post a frame or two as soon as possible.

happy FRIDAY! can't wait to get back home... it has been a long week.


PS thank you ALL for such wonderfully kind words over the past few posts. the past week or two have been a rollercoaster and it really makes me smile that I have love from all of you.


LeS said...

Safe journey home to you.
Can't wait to see the photobooth goodness :)!

Stacie said...

Redlands! Get back, girl! Godspeed to yer homeland, my friend! That is way too close to my motherland, eek! Land o' brown...