October 20, 2006

Photo Booth Friday-Zombie


This one kind freaks me out-
The frame is really out of focus. I look like a zombie- with no eyes. Or kinda like the woman from a Twighlight Zone that I remember watching as a kid- the one where the woman is upstairs watching old b&w cartoons and has no mouth- there was a kid that had something to do with the no mouth part, but my memory fails me...

We are off to wedding-ize this weekend. Half day at work, and lots of wine to look forward to and good friends to laugh with. A is in the wedding, and I am going to help set things up with the bride and the bridal party. My goal is to take as many photos as I can this weekend. I have been feeling really inspired by what I am seeing out on Flickr. I really like the idea from over on port2port. Mav does a list of her favs on Flickr each week... I think I may join in the idea. Hope she doesn't mind~

I have a few things on the knitting needles, mostly top secret Christmas gifts...(we make all the gifts for our family. I am thinking functionable art)
I will throw a few photo teasers out there next week- I don't know if the fam reads my blog and I don't want to spoil the surprise.

I also finished a sweet little pair of baby booties. I will share pictures on Monday.

Happy Photo Booth Friday gang.


Ani said...

thanks for sharing these! but you're killing me--cupcakes!!!! yum!!!!

thanks for including me, i blush.

Teri M. said...

Toooo funny... and Halloweenie. ;)

acumamakiki said...

I heart zombies, especially one as pretty as you. (=

lovegreendog said...

funny girl in the booth :)
thanks for the mention, i am blushing too!
i love that you all make gifts for the big holiday, makes 'em so special :)

LeS said...

Oh, Ness!
You are totally zombified!
I love it.

So funny because I've been trying to get myself to pay more attention over at flickr (transfer more in) and then you link me as a favorite?! Wow. Flattered doesn't cover it. Hope your weekend wedding photos turned out fabulous...can't wait to see.

(and thanks again :)