January 05, 2006

All is fair in love and WAR

I decided that Disco Mamma-Jamma (DMJ) needed a MAN! Drum roll please: behold the fugly boyfriend .. Yahoo! Avatars
see how it is in the "cards" for them to fall in love??
DMJ made that scarf for him (I told you guys, that big red bag was a knitters dream of notions and yarn)...
DMJ disco-knits. It is the next big thing (haven't you heard?)
She really wanted it to be made out of the "disco" yarn (free sample ) but she didn't get it in time for the holiday gift giving experience. *sigh*.
The argyle will have to do.

On a side note: I was out on my lunch break today and I actually SAW a woman walking downtown Reno that LOOKED JUST like Disco-Mamma-Jamma *shudder*! I almost got in an accident in my excitement! I thought perhaps it was a strange voo-doo thing happnening.

Obviously I have done no knitting thus far in the week- although I did attempt a bit of the sock while I was loading new software on my computer, but people kept coming in and talking to me and I lost my place. I had to frog the whole thing ARG!... This will have to keep you entertained until I actually pick up the needles and sit quitely for a while.


Whit said...

Wow! All I can say is, Wow!

(did she knit the scarf for him, or is HE the knitter?)

La said...

Oh, dear Kreist! That's all we need is for those two to breed!

jenifleur said...

Isn't that guy on Queer Eye?

Sandee Yo! said...

HOLY SH*T! Where did you get a cartoon of the last guy I dated!?!?!?

Becky said...

Love is in the air! Can you make a baby, Nessie? Hmmm....can your avatars make a baby? Sims do it. I'm gonna go knit some baby socks. LOL

Liz said...

I can't do the avatar thing... I have dragged my feet about fully upgrading to OSX (yes a Mac) and Yahoo won't recognize my Flash updrage thingy-whoo... and my avatar would have been SO ugly, so very very ugly.

And then I saw the quote on your site and it all made sense I wanted to be part of the herd, I wanted to stampede with the ugly avatars, but I am now grazing quietly in the field.

PS: don't let them mate, whatever you do

JessaLu said...

Hey - I think that guy hit on me last week... *shudder*