January 02, 2006


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Sticking to my Knitting resolution for 2006 I have started my first sock!

I am using Lana Grossa self striping yarn. "Magic Loop" method, no DPNs for me.(that was not one of my resolutions)
I am actually thinking of ripping this becasue today on my "pattern a day" calendar there was a pattern for socks that I like a little bit more.
It was supposed to start snowing today, but it is just more rain. At least Mount Rose is getting the white stuff...I might have to get my board out this week and go play in the pow-pow!
I am off to start one of the resolutions I didn't put down on the last entry, "do homework".


Mandy said...

I like the color of the yarn, I got the pattern a day calendar for christmas and there are some cool socks in there. I have never made socks so I might try a pair!!

Becky said...

I love that yarn. Nice start on the resolutions.

I loved the Knitta, Please! link you posted. Here's another knitter who has taken her craft to the world at large.


kate said...

viva le Magic Loop! i love the magic loop. i almost had to come to it's aid at a knitting group where a snarky teacher said "you think you're doing magic loop in my class? then i won't teach you anything." grrr..