December 31, 2005

Rain and rain and rain

It is the DESERT- we don't get rain for 3 days straight in December without a little bit of chaos.
Mother Nature is doing a little house keeping for 2006- She has decided to give all the bridges a nice washing on their undersides. She also decided to get a few people off their rear ends to do a bit-o work sandbag and what not.
Reno is nuts along the river, I imagine little ole' Sparks (our sister town to the east) is in a bit of a fit as well. Think good thoughts for all those that are affected

Here she is today:

(the Truckee River-- Starts at Lake Tahoe, flows thru (picking up water from various other little creeks and run off spots and into Truckee. From there she continues to pick up runoff and heads right into Reno, east to Sparks and then on to Pyramid Lake. Pyramid Lake has no outlet, and is truly a magical mystical place)

Check out the rest of my pictures.

Hope you are staying warm and dry where every you are!

Be safe tonight if you are out and about- Get dressed up in something with lots of sparkely happy daddy beads & sequins. Maybe wear a boa out of some gaudy fun fur that you made for your fabulous self- go and be full of joy- it is a new moment!

I have a few new year resolutions brewing in my mind-

KNITTING: Learn to make socks, quit waiting and just do it!

HEALTH: No more red meat, and buying organic food.

LOVE: Continue loving the hubby more and more each day and give him lots of attention that he deserves!

FRIENDS: Keep up with all those that I have made this year, get in touch with those that I have lost touch with

Live in the moment- NEVER POSTPONE JOY~


Knit-n-Purl Zen said...

Yikes! Hope it doesn't get any worse! We are snowing here in Toronto tonight. Happy New Year!

Mandy said...

Wow I hope it doesn't get any worse than it is! It is raining and snowing here in Ohio! Have a great New Year!!!

Iris said...

Amazing, I can definitely relate to what you describe: I also live in a desert area and when it rains here the views are very similar! However, and unfortunately, it has still not rained hear since last winter. So we do need rain quite badly over here.

Jenn said...

Happy New Year. Hope things get better!

Becky said...

We are doing the flooding frenzy out here on the coast, too. Ah, winter. Full of exciting weather and cozy times knitting by the fire. What a mix!